Internal Communication Skill For Professional

Internal Communication Skill For Professional

April 8, 2014

Jadwal Pelatihan Internal Communication Skill For Professional

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Instructor byDr. Drs. H. Fauzan Asmara, MM



A. Building a Foundation

  1. Adopting simple, concise and direct language
  2. Identifying basic communication principles
  3. Applying a communication process model 

B. Setting Clear Goals for Your Communication

C. Determining outcomes and results

  1. Soliciting feedback
  2. Matching intentions and results

D. Initiating communications

  1. Figuring out what to say and the best way to say it
  2. Paying attention to verbal and nonverbal cues
  3. Creating a strong connection when face-to-face communication is missing 

E. Avoiding Communication Breakdowns

F. Creating value in your conversations

  1. Strengthening your relationships
  2. Distinguishing value from waste

G. Taking personal responsibility

  1. Recognizing your role in communications
  2. Identifying internal and external factors that impact your communications
  3. Establishing message feedback
  4. Communicating nondefensively 

H. Translating across Communication Styles

I. Identifying the four communication styles

  1. Recognizing your style and the style of others
  2. Strengths and blind spots of each style

J. Bridging communication styles

  1. Closing communication gaps
  2. Being flexible without compromising your identity

K. Listening for Improved Understanding

L. Tools for active listening

  1. Asking clarifying questions
  2. Confirming the message
  3. Demonstrating respect, empathy and sensitivity
  4. Listening for the entire message 

M. Interpreting nonverbal cues

  1. Intonation
  2. Rate of speech
  3. Volume
  4. Gestures
  5. Facial expressions
  6. Posture
  7. Use of space
  8. Dress
  9. Eye contact 

N. Achieving Genuine Communication

O. Creating openness

  1. Determining when to speak up and when not to
  2. Identifying appropriate degrees of disclosure
  3. Establishing value and trust 

P. A three-dimensional model of behavior

  1. Identifying how you interact with others and how to make improvements
  2. Calibrating the variance between what you want and what you express

Q. Matching your body language to your message

  1. Enhancing your message to gain your intended results
  2. Creating believable and credible messages
  3. Ensuring that your attitude supports communication
  4. Speaking through silence 

R. Cross-Cultural Communication

S. Navigating beyond cultural boundaries

  1. Developing greater sensitivity to cultural differences
  2. Building greater accountability and trust on virtual teams

T. Working with filters and assumptions

  1. Raising your awareness to avoid misunderstandings
  2. Uncovering hidden assumptions
  3. Recognizing filters in yourself and others 

U. Working Constructively with Emotions

V. Dealing with anger

  1. Overcoming personal challenges
  2. Expressing your anger constructively
  3. Minimizing defensive reactions in others 

W. Managing emotionally charged situations

  1. Defusing an emotional situation while maintaining your composure
  2. Taking responsibility for your emotions 


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Case Study




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Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break



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Rp. 6.000.000, – / peserta / non recidential

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