Online Training – Oil Spill Response

Online Training – Oil Spill Response

September 20, 2022

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Oil Spill Response

03 - 04 Oktober 2022--
15 - 16 Agustus 2022--


This practical approach course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Oil Spill Response Program, from Contingency Plan to In-field Action, techniques and equipment requirement, types & properties of chemicals used, and impacts of spill on environment and marine wildlife. It will be presented in order to fulfill the needs of non-technical personnel, and go into detail practice of technical personnels daily in-field operation and safety. After completion of this course, participants will understand what is the priority in responding to an Oil Spill, what to consider  in Contingency Planning, what and how to protect ecological impacts of the oil, and why they have to do it all for the environment.



In this tailor made course participants will learn from and discuss with professional instructor the following subjects :

  1. Oil Spill Response Programs
  2. Key Priority in Responding to an Oil Spill
  3. Factors to Consider When an Oil Spill Occurs
  4. Response to a Spill at Sea and Shoreline
  5. Chemical Treatment as an Alternative  Countermeasures for Oil Spills
  6. Oil Spill Control Chemicals and How They Work
  7. Chemicals Application Systems, Rate and Doses
  8. Mechanical & Chemical Clean-up of Oiled Shorelines & Beach, Sand, Docks, Sea Walls and Rocks
  9. Ecotoxicity and Effectiveness of Clean-up Actions
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