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AC Inverter Drives (Application and Maintenance)

Jadwal Training AC Inverter Drives (Application and Maintenance):


    Manufacturers of inverter drives report that of the units returned to them as faulty, up to 80% do not reveal any defects. Such returns are more a result of incorrect programming and/or fault diagnosis by maintenance personnel. This comprehensive course is designed to counter such difficulties by enabling the maintenance engineer to correctly set up, maintain and carry out effective fault-finding on inverter drive systems. Unlike some product-specific courses, this course is substantially generic-effectively covering most of the variable speed drive systems found in industry today and providing a thorough understanding of drive operation within the context of industrial systems.



    Participants will be able to :

    • Properly Matching A Drive to A Machine
    • Choosing the Correct Motor
    • Choosing the Best Type of Drive
    • Identify & Correct Drive System Problems
    • Identify & Test Major Drive Components
    • Perform Start-Up of an AC Drive
    • Program & Adjust the Drive for Desired Operation



    • Evolution of Adjustable Speed Drives
    • AC & DC Electrical Terminology
    • AC Motor Theory
    • Choosing The Correct Motor
    • AC Drive (VFD) Theory
    • AC Drive Terminology
    • AC Drive Applications With Discussion Of Various Types
      Of Drives Including Vector Drives
    • Properly Matching A Drive To A Machine
    • Benefits Of Over-Speeding Motors
    • Typical Application Mistakes & Pitfalls
    • Mechanical Theory: Horsepower & Torque
    • Basic AC & DC Electrical Theory For Drives
    • Transformer Basics
    • AC Motor Theory With NEMA Nameplate Definitions
    • Semiconductor Theory And Diode Rectifiers With Lab
    • Examination, Theory, And Testing The Major AC Drive Components Including The Input Rectifier, Soft-Charge Resistor, Buss Capacitors, And Output Transistors
    • Examination Of AC Drive Construction
    • Common Error Codes And Solutions
    • Diagnosing Drive Problems
    • Recommended Drive Start-Up Procedure
    • Hands-On AC Drive And Motor Operation And Programming



    Suitable for anyone who is required to maintain or configure inverter drives (electricians, instrument technicians, etc). Whilst a knowledge of basic electrical principles is desirable, no prior knowledge of motor theory or electronics is necessary.





    Case Study




    Training Kit


    Flash disk


    Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


    Pick Up Participant (Yogyakarta)


    TRAINING FEE for AC Inverter Drives (Application and Maintenance)

    Rp7.500.000,-/Peserta/Non Recidential

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