Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

September 21, 2023

Jadwal Pelatihan Advanced Planning and Scheduling

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Maintenance planning plays a critical role within the overall physical asset management processes yet, many organizations are still struggling to get it implemented properly and reap the benefits that it brings. By understanding the fundamental processes behind this operational level strategy, you will be able to identify what is missing in your personal skillset and in your organization.

As a result of your participation in this Advanced Maintenance Planning training course, you will also identify the responsibilities you will need to embrace in order to establish an effective maintenance planning function.

This training course places the emphasis on the key processes and techniques of maintenance planning that are necessary to sustain the reliability of our assets. Whether you are new to maintenance planning or you have been doing maintenance planning scheduling for a while, this training program will give you new knowledge, insights, and skills that are of great value to your maintenance career and income earning potential.



  • Understand the need for and purpose of proactive maintenance management
  • Understand why maintenance is a key business function
  • Study the major challenges faced by maintenance organisations today
  • Validate the importance of work order systems and use proven techniques for estimations and prioritisation
  • Prepare a preventive maintenance program
  • Learn how reliability improves health, safety and environmental performance, cost improvement, and resource optimization
  • Identify planning and scheduling best practices and recognise how they can contribute to the quality of an entire project
  • Use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) s to evaluate and enhance maintenance performance
  • Use KPIs, dashboards and reports to analyse maintenance performance, control resources and costs, and ensure continuous improvement
  • Apply project management frameworks and techniques to effectively manage key maintenance activities and stoppages
  • Establish an understanding of how to maintain the optimal stock levels of spare parts to ensure operational continuity



  1. Objectives Of Maintenance
  2. Modern Maintenance Management Practice In Perspective
  3. Preventive Maintenance (Pm)
  4. Maintenance Policies And Logistics Planning
  5. Failure Management Programme Development
  6. Work Scheduling And Control
  7. Planning, Scheduling, And Control Of Major Maintenance Wos And Shutdowns
  8. Performance Measurement, Reporting And Analysis
  9. The Role Of Planning In Performance Improvement



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