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Jadwal Training Business English Communication:


    There has been a growing demand for most of profit or nonprofit organization in Indonesia to be able to provide service in English as their daily routines. More importantly is the ASEAN Economic Society in which English considered as the first language for everyone in order to be able to communicate. People from other countries where English is the first language will come and work in this country. Consequently, to be able to compete and reach the goal, the staff and management in the organization are compulsory to speak, read and write in English.

    There are many topics to be discussed in here that are expecting able to strengthen the knowledge and skill of Training participant in speaking, reading and writing English in Business scope. Participants will spend some determined hours for hands-on Business English theories and practices with our expert Instructor. Practice makes perfect…it is expected that by having more practice, the participants are more confident with their Business English and they will get used to with English.


    MATERI Training Business English Communication

    • Basic Offices
    • Requesting Equipment
    • Giving/asking Business cards
    • General Office Matters
    • Writing Email/Letter
    • Introduction
    • Body
    • Closing
    • Effective Presentation
    • Preparation; slides and grooming
    • Time Management
    • Effective Meeting
    • Preparation; meeting agenda, invitation
    • Minutes Meeting
    • Strategic Negotiation
    • Business Negotiation
    • Phone call
    • Answering and Making a Business call
    • Talking to coworkers/Boss/subordinates
    • Leaving Work





    Case Study




    Training Kit



    Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


    Pick Up Participant


    TRAINING FEE for Business English Communication

    Rp 6.500.000,- / Participant /  Non    Residential

    (Quota Minimal 3 participant)

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