Fuel Management Training

Fuel Management Training

March 9, 2023

Jadwal Pelatihan Fuel Management Training

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The topics presented are aimed at both sea-going and shore-based staff, technical as well as operational. Within all the topics of the course we practically start from “square one“, thus catering for participants having different background and different levels of experience. The course covers a vast spectrum of fuel related problems, economical as well as practical and is well suited for all personnel engaged in the daily fuel related business ie. selling and purchasing of fuels. Additionally, in the past, we have seen many participants from the diesel engine manufacturers, power plants and insurance companies and such the discussions have included all parties involved in the bunker chain, i.e.the engine builder, fuel supplier, fuel testing service, fuel equipment manufacturer, the user,the ship operation and sea-going staff, power plants operators and finally, the insurance companies.


MATERI Training Fuel Management

  • Fuel Oil Properties & Performance in Diesel Engine
  • Quality Control
  • Density & Viscosity
  • Blending Charts & Blend Optimization
  • Instability & Compatibility
  • Sludge Formation
  • Water & Metal Contents Abrasion & Corrosion Aspects
  • International Fuel Oil Standard
  • Spections
  • Ordering Fuels
  • Bunkering Procedures
  • Sampling Procedures
  • Tank Sampling
  • Quality Throughout The Fuel Handling System
  • Basic Lay-Out of a Modern Fuel Treatment Plant
  • Fuel Oil Cleaning System
  • Conventional Separators
  • Separators For High-Density Fuels
  • B20 Regulation For Solar PSO (Public Service Obligation)
  • Bio-Solar Water Separator Filter System



Operator/Senior Operator/Engineer/Non Engineer





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Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


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