Medium Voltage Termination and Jointing

Medium Voltage Termination and Jointing

November 21, 2023

Jadwal Pelatihan Medium Voltage Termination and Jointing

27 - 28 Desember 2023-Yogyakarta
20 - 21 Desember 2023-Yogyakarta
13 - 14 Desember 2023-Yogyakarta
06 - 07 Desember 2023-Yogyakarta


Expanded silicone rubber on removable plastic core. 3M™ Cold Shrink technology utilizes an expanded silicone rubber material on removable plastic core. The core is removed by simply unwinding. Because of superior material used in 3M™ Cold Shrink™ terminations, tails lengths may be reduced and less space is required. Accommodates a wide range of sizes. Because the expanded silicone material technology, one kit fits a wide range of cable sizes, resulting in reduced inventory. Superior silicone material. Silicone has unique properties as an insulator.

It’s smooth surface ensures that the minimum amount of contamination adheres to the surface. It is also inorganic and hydrophobic (water beads form and run off). 3M silicone materials has these unique benefits for outdoor termination applications.



  1. Nexans 11-33KV Heatshrink Termination System
  2. Nexans Termination Installation Accessories
  3. Raychem 11-17KV Termination Kits
  4. Raychem Termination Installation Accessories
  5. 3M 11-33KV Coldshrink Termination Kits
  6. 3M 52-72KV Coldshrink Termination System
  7. 3M Termination Installation Accessories
  8. 3M 11-52KV Single Core Straight Joints
  9. 3M 11KV Thress Core Straight Joints
  10. 3M 11KV Trifurcating Joints
  11. Raychem 11-33KV Jointing System
  12. 3M 11KV Jointing Accessories
  13. 3M Scotch MV Tapes
  14. Cable Jointing Consumables





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