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Business performance and productivity is the only reason why a company still exist and wins the competition. It distinguishes excellent company from mediocre company. Obviously, high business performance and productivity company is a result of the strong performance and productivity of all business units and people from top management to the individual employee. It requires significant contribution of every person in the company. That’s why, business performance and productivity always becomes a major concerned of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Directors, Managers, and all of leaders in the company.

There is distribution of responsibility to build high performance and productivity company. Top management has responsibility in crafting vision, mission, and winning business strategy as well as provides clear direction to all employees on how the company will achieve that vision and mission and execute strategy. Middle management contributes thru translating business strategy into operational terms. Lower management level has responsibility to ensure high quality of operation. And all employees have to support work unit, business unit & company to succeed by working productively.

Cascading and alignment has to be created in company in order to be successful. We have to define clearly how a business unit and employees focus their efforts to work and perform excellence. The most difficult part of this effort is to align with human capital as a backbone of business performance and productivity. The challenges in creating high performance and productivity are immense, but winning enterprise is able to deal with them. They can grow and lead the market not in the absence of those challenges.



  1. Introduction Business Performance Development
  2. How to Build High Business Performance and Productivity: From People and Process to Bottomline
  3. Strategic Intent of Business Performance Development and Productivity
  4. The Alignment to the Human Capital Management Practices
  5. How to Run Business Performance & Productivity Audit
  6. Strategic Initiatives in Improving Employee Performance & Productivity
  7. Study Case dan Diskusi
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