Realibility Centered Maintenance & Risk Based Inspection

Realibility Centered Maintenance & Risk Based Inspection

October 9, 2023

Jadwal Pelatihan Realibility Centered Maintenance & Risk Based Inspection

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Maintenance activities in the industrial world, especially in factories, currently play an important role in the business world. Maintenance engineering has been a field that has experienced rapid development in the last two decades since Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) emerged. Despite its emergence in the aircraft industry, RCM has also caused a shift in the maintenance engineering paradigm in other industrial fields. With RCM, the old paradigm of “preserve the equipment” shifts to “preserve the function”, without neglecting the “safety” aspect of factory facilities.

Risk Based Inspection is a relatively new method for carrying out inspections, especially regarding the mechanical integrity of a factory. With the old method which uses a preventive/predictive maintenance schedule, a maintenance engineer will carry out maintenance. Maintenance activities like this are static, not dynamic. There is no systematic method for changing inspection time intervals based on previous inspection results, identified defects, and equipment age. RBI makes maintenance activities more sensitive to the “current” condition of a factory facility.

It is hoped that with this training participants will be able to understand the basic concepts of Reliability Engineering and its application in the industrial sector according to existing standards, understand how to increase productivity by increasing Plant Availability, understand the application of risk as a basis for managing production programs and be able to design and apply tools commonly used in maintenance and inspection programme


MATERI Training Realibility Centered Maintenance & Risk Based Inspection

1. Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Overview of RCM

2. Fundamental RCM

3. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

4. Putting the Reliability Into RCM

5. Maintenance System Methodology

6. Reliability Centered Maintenance Approach

7. Exercise and Discussion

8. Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

  • Risk Based Inspection Principles Overview
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Approach
  • Inspection Development Program to Reduce Risk
  • Exercise and Discussion



Pre test



Case Study

Post test




Training Kit



1x Lunch & 2x Coffee Break


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