Succesfull Be Realize Goal 2018

Succesfull Be Realize Goal 2018

October 11, 2018

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Your primary goal should be to increase the likelihood that you will be one of those remarkable people who achieves greatly and makes a real difference with his or her life. And this is very much in your own hands. To realize your full potential, you must focus on your career goals, hard work and success factors. Free yourself as much as possible from randomness and uncertainty. You must organize your life in such a way that the probabilities of achieving your career goals are extremely high.

What most people don’t realize is that creating an effective, logical plan is absolutely crucial to achieve goals for success. There are specific, proven steps that, if followed, work everywhere, for everyone, in virtually every country, no matter what your education, experience, or background may be when you begin. This course will learn about how to become a more positive, powerful, and effective person to set and realize their goal in 2018. After training, hopefully the participant have more energy and enthusiasm than ever before


OUTLINE MATERI Training Succesfull Be Realize Goal 2018

1. What are you ready to let go of?

2. What are you committing to?

3. What are your goals or goal for 2018?

4. The Basic Principle of Achieving Your Goals

5. Act before you think

6. Action Plan

7. Do something Different

8. Create Great Habits

9. Live for Today

10. The 3 Step Total Focus

  • List All of the Activities That Occupy Your Time
  • Choose 2 Things That You’re Brilliant At
  • Create a Plan for Delegating Everything Else

11. Case Study





Case Study




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Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


Pick Up Participants (Yogyakarta)


TRAINING FEE for Succesfull Be Realize Goal 2018

Rp6.500.000,-/Peserta/Non Recidential

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