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Transaction and Banking Service

Jadwal Training Transaction and Banking Service:


    Content and Scope of Transaction Banking Service :

    • Key components of the transaction banking business
    • Available banking services and products to satisfy the transaction banking needs of corporate clients
    • Techniques for cash and liquidity management, including cash flow projection for short-term and long-term planning and funding
    • Best practices in day-to-day payments and cash management solutions for corporate
    • Typical trade and supply chain services for corporate clients
    • Related risk management and implications for the transaction banking business
    • Suitable transaction banking products and services that best in class banks offer their global transaction banking clients base.


    MATERI Training Transaction and Banking Service

    1. Introduction to Transaction Banking Service

    2. Organization and Role of the Corporate Treasury

    3. Market Insights and Trends-from a Client’s Perspective

    4. Overview of Banking Relationships with corporate and look at various ways to enhance and cement the relationship through the offering of relevant Transaction Services

    5. Working Capital Management as one of the main purposes of Transaction Banking

    6. Understanding the detailed requirements in terms of funding and transaction types allows us to articulate Credit Service and Funding the Bank may want to offer

    7. Typical IT Environment for the Corporate Treasury

    8. Components of Transaction Banking

    • The Payments Business
    • Cash Management in Practice
    • Cash Management Structures
    • Liquidity Management Solutions
    • Trade and Supply Chain Finance

    9. Overview of Risk Management Considerations, in order to raise awareness of various risks plus Regulatory, or Compliance requirements linked to providing transaction banking services





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    TRAINING FEE for Transaction and Banking Service

    Rp6.500.000,-/Peserta/Non Recidential

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