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Well Completion and Work Over

Jadwal Training Well Completion and Work Over:

    Instructor by : Widradjat Abdekasan 



    Well completion is considered to be one of the most critical practices for reservoir exploitation and management. During this process, the responsible personnel is tasked to optimally design and install a system that can deliver its full potential to optimize oil, gas and production without compromising safety and reliability. During the field life cycle, some reservoirs undergo some physical and chemical changes. This leads to loss of revenue as the wells are no longer operating at their optimal conditions. Hence, workover and well intervention practices are required to safely and efficiently restore the wells back to production.

    This course focuses on different technological innovations to optimize reservoir drilling and completion practices, to improve well productivity. It provides practical exercises and industrial applications from different operating environment (land, swamp, offshore, including deepwater offshore).
    It covers different types of completion design and installations. In addition, in-depth discussions on the emerging techniques would be covered.



    • Identify and understand the parameters that influence the selection and design of completion components.
    • Integrate the importance of completion process to future production.
    • Deliver techniques to select the best tubing size and best materials for well completion.
    • Gain practical methods to design, plan and install safe and efficient well completion and workover.
    • Manage well environments with extreme reservoir conditions (pressure, temperature, etc)
    • Bridge the importance of well design in relation to the ability to carry out well intervention.
    • Explore new technological developments in well completions and workovers.
    • Plan an appropriate intervention and workover strategy to maintain or increase the field production.



    1. Course Introduction

    2. Starter quiz

    3. Review of starter quiz

    4. Introduction to Completion

    5. Darcy law and skin

    6. Well performance

    7. Perforations

    8. Introduction to completion design project

    9. Reservoir Completion – Well stimulation

    10. Introduction to Hydraulic Fracturing

    11. Sand Control completion

    12. Sand control exercises

    13. Enhancing Production through Artificial Lift Methods

    • Gas Lift
    • ESP
    • Jet Pumps
    • Sucker Rod Pumps

    14. Tubing Performance

    • Basics of PVT (Pressure, Volume, Temperature)
    • Multi-Phase Flow
    • Tubing Sizing
    • Interface with Reservoir Completion
    • Lazy Wells

    15. Production Chemistry: Handling Challenging Reservoir Environments

    • Introduction to Reservoir Fluids
    • Identification of Common Production Problems
    • Reduction Methods to Common Production Problems
      • Scales
      • Wax
      • Asphaltenes
      • Hydrates
      • Reservoir Souring & H2S

    16. Tubing Stress Analysis

    • Purpose of Stress Analysis
    • Stress Loads
      • Stress and Strain
      • Axial Loads
      • Burst/Collapse
      • Tri-Axial Analysis
    • Safety Factors and Design Factors
    • Load Cases
    • Completion Equipment and Connections

    17. Materials Selection

    • Metals
    • Metallurgy & Corrosion
    • Elastomers and Plastics
    • Protective Coatings

    18. Completion Components (Features and Usage)

    • Completion Philosophy
    • Completion Components
      • Christmas Tree, Tubing Hangers, Tubing, Down Hole Safety Valve, Packers, Tail Pipes, Expansion Devices, Nipples, Mandrels, Gauges, Etc.
    • Interface with Reservoir Completion

    19. Completion Operation Base Preparation

    20. Equipment Purchasing and Factory Acceptance

    21. Service Contract

    22. Equipment Preparation

    23. Technical Program

    24. Rig Preparation and Completion Installation Process

    25. Operation Planning

    26. Equipment Shipping

    27. Equipment Reception

    28. Pre-Job Meeting

    29. Casing Cleaning Operation

    30. Running in hole the completion equipment

    31. Well Clean-Up

    32. Reporting

    33. After-Action Review

    34. Emerging Techniques

    35. Fiber Optics: Distributed Temperature System (DTS), Pressure/ temperature (P/T), etc

    36. Interventionless packers (Hydrostatic packers, swelling packers, etc)

    37. In-situ self generating weak acid

    38. Expandable tubulars

    39. Expandable Sand Screens (ESS)

    40. Sand Control in High angle and long interval: Alternate path technology (SHUTS, CAPS, etc)

    41. Formation Isolation Valves (FIV)

    42. Intelligent & Smart Well Completion: Interval Control Valves (ICV)

    43. Underbalanced Drilling and Completion

    44. Cased Hole Circulation Drilling and completion

    45. Multistage Fracturing

    46. Well Control

    • Well control Equipment
      • Blowout Preventer System Requirements
      • Choke Manifold
      • Circulating System
    • Kicks and its causes
    • Well Killing Operation
      • Forward circulation
      • Reverse circulation
      • Bullheading
      • Lubricate and Bleed

    47. Workover Operations

    • Workover definition and description
    • Workover Types:
      • Safety Workover (SWO)
      • Long term suspension (LTS)
      • Plug and Abandonment (P&A)
      • Production enhancement (PE)





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    TRAINING FEE for Well Completion and Work Over

    Rp. 8.000.000,- / Participant / Non Accomodation

    Minimal  4  participant training pasti jalan

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