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Asset Recovery Management

Jadwal Training Asset Recovery Management:


    The course has been designed to enhance the skill and insights in the area of asset recovery management practice, especially in relation to the practice and implementation in their day-to-day operation. The training shall provide the participant with the following capabilities:

    • Have thorough understanding of good asset recovery management practice within the scope and framework of Best Practice of Asset management
    • Enhanced knowledge and skill in dealing with the operational issues as related to asset management recovery within day-to-day installation operation and risk management
    • Enhance capability to implement tool for identifying, analyzing, eradicating and communicating the risks within the cycle of risk management
    • Support the attainment of organizational business objectives by providing comprehensive perspective of asset risk management to the executive management of the organization
    • Capability in assuring the level of alignment between asset management and organization business in the drive to achieve organization’s objectives


    MATERI Training Asset Recovery Management

    1. Understanding the Risks
    2. Stakeholders and their Role
    3. Governance, Good Practice, Standards, Regulation and the Law
    4. Culture, Strategy, Performance, Risk and Business Continuity
    5. The Business Continuity Management Cycle
    6. The Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
    7. The Business Impact Analysis: a Hitch Hikers Guide
    8. Application and Uses of BIA Information
    9. Technology Exposures and Continuity
    10. Dependency Management: Supplier Management, Outsourcing and Business Support
    11. Other Applications for Business Continuity Tools and Principles
    12. The Role of People
    13. The Values of Insurance Products in a Crisis Situation
    14. Communications in a Crisis
    15. Relationships with Emergency and Governmental Services
    16. Rehearsals and Exercising of Plans and Risk Decision Making
    17. Maintenance, Benchmarking, Assurance and Audit
    18. The Continuity Plan and its Role





    Case Study




    Training Kit



    Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


    Pick Up Participant (Yogyakarta)


    TRAINING FEE for Asset Recovery Management

    Rp6.500.000,-/Peserta/Non Recidential

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