Autocad Electrical 2015

Autocad Electrical 2015

September 1, 2015

Jadwal Pelatihan Autocad Electrical 2015

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1. Getting Started

  • Introducing AutoCAD Electrical
  • Understanding the Application Menu
  • Understanding the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Understanding the Ribbon Interface
  • Working with Autodesk 360
  • Configuring Online Options
  • Saving and Opening Drawings Using Autodesk 360
  • Sharing Documents with Others
  • Using Design Feed
  • Using and Controlling the Help System

2. Projects

  • Using the Project Manager
  • Creating New Projects with Project Manager
  • Organizing Project Lists
  • Creating a New Drawing
  • Creating Descriptions for the Project Drawing List
  • Plotting From Drawing Lists
  • Moving Through Project Drawings in Order
  • Opening and Activating Projects
  • Copying Projects

3. Schematic Wiring

  • Understanding Wires and Wire Type Layers
  • Inserting Wires
  • Trimming Wires
  • Inserting Ladders
  • Revising Ladders
  • Referencing Ladders
  • Wiring Tools
  • Wiring with the Multiple-Bus Tool
  • Numbering Wires
  • Assigning Wire Numbers Automatically
  • Editing Wire Numbers
  • Numbering Wires and Leader Configuration
  • Inserting Destination Signal Arrows
  • Linking Destination and Source Signal Arrows
  • Inserting Source Signal Arrows and Linking

4. Schematic Components

  • Working with Circuits
  • Using Terminal Associations
  • Creating and Editing Terminal Jumpers
  • Assigning Terminal Block Properties
  • Understanding Terminals
  • Configuring Connector Options
  • Inserting Connectors
  • Inserting Schematic Components from a Catalog
  • Inserting Multiple Schematic Components from an Equipment List
  • Inserting Multiple Schematic Components from Lists
  • Process
  • Inserting Schematic Components from Lists – Completing the Insertion
  • Creating a Panel List of Schematic Components
  • Inserting and Linking Child Components
  • Using the Insert Edit Components Catalog
  • Inserting a Component and Configuring its Description
  • Using the Icon Menu Interface
  • Creating Multiple-Phase Circuits

5. Schematic Editing

  • Using the Location Editing Commands
  • Modifying Components
  • Editing Using a Location Box
  • Copying Part Numbers and Location Codes
  • Swapping Blocks
  • Updating Blocks and Using Library Swap
  • Using the Auditing Tools
  • Updating and Retagging Drawings

6. Schematic Reports

  • Creating Schematic Reports
  • Formatting Schematic Report Options
  • Changing the Report Format
  • Producing a Report
  • Creating Wiring Reports
  • Publishing Drawings

7. Panel Layouts

  • Comparing Schematic Symbols and Panel Symbols
  • Creating Panel Layouts by Inserting Footprints
  • Inserting Footprints from a Schematic List
  • Inserting Multiple Footprints
  • Inserting Nameplates into Panel Layouts
  • Using the DIN Rail Tool
  • Using the Terminal Strip Editor
  • Using the Terminal Strip Editing Tools
  • Using the Spares and Accessories Tools in the Terminal Strip Editor
  • Updating Terminal Data with the Terminal Strip Editor
  • Inserting Tabular Terminal Charts Using the Terminal Strip Editor
  • Inserting Jumper Charts Using the Terminal Strip Editor
  • Configuring Panel Layout Annotation
  • Annotating Panel Layouts and Reports
  • Creating a Bill of Material Panel Report

8. Settings and Configurations

  • Creating Wire Types
  • Advanced Options for Creating Wire Types
  • Modifying Wire Types
  • Creating Wire Type Layer Overrides
  • Importing Wire Types
  • Using Reference Files
  • Using the Environment File
  • Configuring the Drawing Settings
  • Configuring Settings for Component Tags
  • Setting the Wire Number Options
  • Defining Cross-References
  • Setting the Default Styles
  • Setting the Drawing Format Options
  • Understanding the Configuration Block
  • Creating Project Settings
  • Accessing Project Options
  • Comparing Project and Drawing Properties
  • Creating Drawing Templates
  • Modifying Drawing Templates

9. Custom Components

  • Naming Schematic Symbols
  • Reviewing Schematic Symbol Templates
  • Configuring the Symbol Builder
  • Reviewing the Symbol Builder Environment
  • Inserting Attributes in the Symbol Builder
  • Inserting Wire Connections for Symbol Builder
  • Using the Symbol Builder Tools
  • Using the Icon Menu Wizard
  • Adding Components Using the Icon Menu Wizard
  • Adding Submenus to the Icon Menu Wizard
  • Defining Panel Footprint Symbols
  • Creating Panel Footprint Symbols
  • Adding Panel Footprints to a Database
  • Inserting Panel Footprints from a List

10. Custom Data

  • Managing the Part Catalog Database
  • Adding Part Catalog Numbers to the Database
  • Adding a Catalog Subassembly to the Database
  • Adding Multiple Catalog Part Numbers to a Single Component
  • Using the Pin List Database
  • Editing the Pin List Database
  • Editing the Terminal Block Properties Database
  • Understanding Title Block Attributes
  • Mapping Title Blocks to Internal Attributes
  • Mapping Title Blocks to an External File
  • Updating Title Block Attributes

11. Automation Tools

  • Updating Schematics from Spreadsheets
  • Creating Report Format Files
  • Generating Automatic Reports

12. PLC Modules

  • Understanding PLC Components and Inserting Standalone PLC Points
  • Inserting Fixed PLC I/O Modules
  • Inserting Parametric PLC I/O Modules
  • Working with Breaks in PLC Modules
  • Using the PLC Database File Editor
  • Annotating Terminals and Settings in the PLC Database File Editor
  • Setting Attribute Data in the PLC Database File Editor
  • Applying PLC I/O Address-Based Tagging
  • Using the Spreadsheet to PLC I/O Utility – Setup
  • Using the Spreadsheet to PLC I/O Utility – Layout

13. Miscellaneous Advanced Tools

  • Adding Wire Sequences
  • Adding Wire Annotation to Footprints
  • Using Cable Marker Symbols
  • Inserting Wire Fan In/Out Source Signals
  • Adding Cable Markers
  • Inserting Wire Fan In/Out Destination Signals and Cable Reports
  • Using the Circuit Builder
  • Inserting a Circuit Using the Circuit Builder
  • Configuring Circuits Using the Circuit Builder Recalculating Wire Size Using the Circuit Builder
  • Using Templates for the Circuit Builder
  • Using the Circuit Builder Spreadsheet
  • Inserting a Custom Circuit Using the Circuit Builder
  • Using the Electrical Standards Database Editor
  • Working with Peer-to-Peer Style Drawings
  • Linking Schematic Components to Peer Components with the Same Tag
  • Linking Schematic Components to Peer Components with a Different Tag
  • Using One-Line Components with No Wire Numbers and Linking to
  • Schematic Components
  • Exporting Data to Other Applications





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