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The Boiler Plant Operation and Management training is an intensive, highly practical and useful training. You will gain the most up-to-date information and practical understanding of the installation, operation, maintenance and management of boiler plant.

This training will give you the ability to recognize and solve boiler problems simply, easily and with confidence.



1. Introduction

  • Types of package boilers and their applications
  • Boiler components, terminology and definitions

2. Fuel Combustion and Steam Geranation Process

  • Overview of the boiler heating and steam generation process
  • Influence of fuel types on boiler designand operation
  • Firing appliances
  • Basics to the theory of combustion and fundamentals of steam generation
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Fire-side deposits and their influences

3. Boiler Auxiliary Plant

  • Water treatment and dosing plant
  • Feed water pumps, valves, steam traps,piping, fans, and dampers
  • Firingsystems
  • Economisers and heat recovery equipment
  • Flue gas cleaning and dust removal
  • Soot blowers
  • Practical session and questions

4. Operations and Controls

  • Boiler instrumentation and its purpose
  • Typical P&I diagrams for coal/oil fired package units
  • OEM operating manuals
  • Control systems or loops
  • Operation and control philosophy,sequences and procedures
  • Safety equipment and emergency procedures
  • Typical operational problems, reasons for the problems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Operating records and logs
  • The do’s and don’ts of boiler operation and corrective action
  • Practical session and questions. This will be an extensive and detailed session

5. Pressure Containing Components

  • Basics to codes calculation theory and assumptions
  • Overview of designparameters for shell,furnace, plates and tubing
  • Importance of pressure part inspection
  • Practical session and question

6. Planning, Managing and Biiuler Maintenacne

  • Critical importance of maintenancepolicies and programmes
  • Manufacturers literature and requirements
  • Regularity of inspections and maintenance
  • Critical items for maintenance for safety,efficiency and reliability
  • Country/state legislation regarding inspection and repairs
  • Authorised inspection authority involvement
  • Maintenance records and preventative maintenance
  • In-house vs contractor repair maintenance
  • The do’s and don’ts in terms of boiler maintenance
  • Practical session and questions

7. Managing Boiler Repairs and Modification

  • When does a boiler repair become a boiler modification?
  • Importance of historical records
  • Understanding the steps and requirements when undertaking modifications
  • Boiler owner and contractor responsibilities
  • AIA and their inspection points
  • The do’s and don’ts regarding boiler repairs
  • Practical session and questions

8. Cold Storage Of A Boiler

  • Importance of an established storage period, preservation steps and return of the boiler
  • Storage instructions and procedures
  • Consequences of no plan
  • Practical session and questions

9. Emission Control and Environmental Constraints

  • Types of emissions for different fuels fired
  • Control of boiler flue gas emission
  • Flue gas cleaning and scrubbing equipment
  • Oil and gas burner designto reduce NOx emissions
  • Effectiveness of gas cleaning or scrubbing equipment
  • Acceptable emission levels
  • Practical session and questions



Senior Boiler Plant Operators, Repairers & Installers, Boiler Plant Construction Managers, Plant Engineers, Operation, Maintenance, Inspection & Repair Managers, Supervisors & Engineers, Mechanical Engineers & Technicians, Design Engineers, Insurance Company Inspectors, Consulting Engineers



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Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


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TRAINING FEE for Boiler Power Plant

Rp7.000.000,-/Participant/Non Residential

(Quota Minimal 5 participant)

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