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Facility Maintenance and Management

Jadwal Training Facility Maintenance and Management:

    Instructor by : Ating Sudradjat 



    This is a programme for Facility Managers and Office Managers who support the Facility Managers. It is to give them the know-how to effectively manage the physical assets. The programme will make all employees participating in it to:

    • Articulate their roles critically and with clear precision
    • Demonstrate how central they are to the risk assurance policy and business continuity process of the organization
    • Demonstrate their relationship management acumen in working with and managing the stakeholders of their responsibilities areas
    • Focus on the bottom line significance of their minute-by-minute activities
    • Be in state of perpetual alertness.


    MATERI Training Facility Maintenance and Management 

    A. Facility Risk Assurance

    1. Understanding your Facilities and Assets

    • Modern ideas about Facility Management
    • Feeling the heartbeat of your Facility
    • Criticality Analysis
    • Facility Management Benchmarking techniques
    • Using the Pareto’s Principle

    2. Asset Management

    • What Asset and Asset Management means
    • Critical Asset ranking
    • Understanding Asset failure
    • Effective Asset Management Implementation

    3. Asset Management Resources

    • Integrated Facilities Management
    • Life Cycle Costing
    • Continuous improvement philosophy
    • Facility Condition Indexing
    • Interpreting the FCI range in Facility Management
    • FCI impacts, Failures and Occupant’s Morale
    • Asset Management tools for Corrective maintenance and repairs
    • Depreciation technique of Facility components

    4. Facility Stakeholders Management for effective results

    • Elements of stakeholders Management
    • Stakeholders Analysis
    • Stakeholders Prioritisation techniques

    5. Facility Management Technology

    • Computer Aided Facility Management Technology
    • Preparing a strategic technology plan
    • Technology optimising Process

    B. Maintenance Management

    1. Maintenance – the Modern Concept

    • Challenges of cultural issues and maintenance management
    • Maintenance planning and scheduling
    • Classification of maintenance work according to plan and schedules

    2. Cost Planning and Management

    • Facility Management master budgeting
    • Facility Management  budget performance System
    • Maintenance using Facility master schedule
    • Facility Management Master Schedule

    3. Fault Diagnosis

    • Maintenance Codes using Facility Management master plan
    • Failure Management in Facility Management
    • Failure Reporting using a Criticality Analysis Guide

    4. Maintenance Management Tactics

    • Proactive and Predictive Maintenance
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Reactive Maintenance
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Corrective Maintenance
    • Deferred Maintenance
    • Operation and Maintenance exercise
    • 90:10 Facility Maintenance development

    C. Troubleshooting and Emergency Recovery

    1. Failure Management and Control

    • Reliability-Centered Maintenance
    • Downtime reduction
    • Tools for controlling Failure in Facility Management
    • Checklist systems development and operations
    • Developing a robust Service Level Agreement

    2.  Energy Management

    • The increasing cost of Energy
    • What is Energy Management
    • Goals of an effective Energy Management Programme
    • Implementing the major strategies of Energy Management
    • Energy Audit for Facility Managers

    3. Disaster Planning, Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity

    • JIT Management
    • What a Disaster Recovery Plan is and why it is important
    • Identifying potential Hazards
    • Business Impact analysis
    • Personnel Policies and Crisis Communication
    • Strategic Alliance
    • Case Study and Exercise
    • Setting up an Action Plan
    • Emergency Planning Implementation checklist



    This is a programme for Facility Managers, Office Managers, and Contract Administration Professionals. It gives participants the know-how to effectively manage their facilities.





    Case Study




    Training Kit



    Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


    Pick Up Participants


    TRAINING FEE for Facility Maintenance and Management

    Rp. 7.000.000,- / Participant / Non residential

    (Quota minimal 3 orang peserta pasti running)

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