Industrial Data Communication

Industrial Data Communication

November 9, 2017

Jadwal Pelatihan Industrial Data Communication

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Why do we urge to connect and communicate our control and automation systems and to integrate with administrative and management systems? Better control of the process, competitiveness, economic necessity, proper management resources, all of these reasons and more. Production does not stand by itself. Orders must be taken, the resources to fabricate or produce the order must be procured, the correct process must be in place, the products must be shipped and the customer billed. It is extremely important that no time in the schedule is wasted in waiting for this resources or that. Small lot size and short cycle are an important performance of the world class industries of manufacturer. To meet these conflicting requirements and to be competitive and profitable, industrial data communication is the solution. Open systems, non-proprietary network standards, interconnection between disparate devices and the inclusion of all control in a master integrated network are just around the corner. The emerging product such as ModBus, Data Highway, HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus and Industrial Ethernet has created the connection and communication in DCS, PLC and SCADA systems with field devices more complex but manageable. Industrial digital communication offers communication beyond measurement of process variables, such as information management systems, maintenance and safety purposes.



  1. Better understanding of basic digital communication
  2. Knowledge of industrial data communications
  3. Description of architecture and structure of data communication
  4. Application of several industrial data communication
  5. Current issues on digital communication and systems integration



1. Overview

  • Computer and Network based Control and Automation
  • PLC, DCS and SCADA
  • Current Status

2. Communication Foundations

  • Data Representation
  • Digital Communication
  • Architecture and Structure
  • RS 232, RS 485, Ethernet, USB

3. ISO/OSI Model

  • Model
  • Physical Layer
  • Data Link Standards

4. Industrial Communication Protocols (DCS)

  • HART
  • Foundation Fieldbus
  • Profibus

5. Industrial Communication Protocols (PLC)

  • Remote Link
  • ModBus

6. Ethernet Technology

  • TCP/IP
  • ModBus TCP
  • System Integration

7. Demos/Exercises

  • ModBus
  • ModBus TCP
  • Ethernet Based Monitoring





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