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Management Cabling Data Center

Jadwal Training Management Cabling Data Center:


    Data centres typically contain many kilometres of network cabling in addition to thousands of connections and ports that can be afected by physical stress, electromagnetic noise, poor installation and connection, heat or humidity. Without knowing fully the location and role of each length of cabling, its properties, what it is meant to be connected to, and without some prior planning to replace the faulty length then a temporary interruption to communication within data centre operations can become a larger problem.

    Good data center cabling must flow from point A to point B to ensure a successful pathway. Without good data center management, your office can come to screeching halt. How do you build and maintain a system this complicated? In this course participant will learn how to manage the data center and discuss the tips of Best Practice For Managing The Cabling


    MATERI Training Management Cabling Data Center

    1. Introduction

    2. Data Center Horizontal Cabling Topology

    3. Centralized with Cross-connect

    4. Partially Centralized (end-of-row) with Inter-connect

    5. Distributed In-cabinet (top-of-rack) Switching

    6. Planning Is Key

    • Using a Structured Approach
    • Trusting the Standart
    • Using Color to Identify Cables
    • Establishing a Naming Scheme

    7. Tips On Selecting Cabling Components

    • Patch Cables
    • Patch Panel
    • Horizontal and Backbone Cables
    • Horizontal Cable Managers
    • Vertical Cable Managers
    • Overhead Cable Pathways
    • Cable Ties
    • Labelers

    8. The Storage Area Network (SAN)

    9. Data Center Cabling Sample Configurations

    10. Implementing The Cabling Infrastructure

    • Testing the Links
    • Building a Common Framework the Racks
    • Preserving the Compositing
    • Documentation
    • Stocking Spare Cables

    11. Best Practice For Managing The Cabling

    • During Instalation
    • Daily Practice





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