Material Cataloguing, Specifications and Storage Planning

Material Cataloguing, Specifications and Storage Planning

July 8, 2017

Jadwal Pelatihan Material Cataloguing, Specifications and Storage Planning

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This unique programme is aimed at assisting delegates to develop skills and competence on how to establish and maintain a comprehensive materials and product catalogue to support business and operations covering all operational, maintenance and supporting activities. Skill set on how to ensure timely supply and services of the right products from the right sources will also be covered. Understanding and confidently provide standard product specification in line with approved standards such as API, ASTM, BS, JIS, DIN and other renowned standards.

Delegates would be able to equip themselves on how to categorize and integrate master product catalogue into User’s Parts list of equipment/plant and machinery including production, maintenance and construction materials list. This Programme will also provide delegates on how to effectively maintain records related to products, standards, specifications and certifications to ensure prompt provision of information including statistics and exercises related to master catalogue.



  • To review, analyze and classify the stock (inventory) line items for its adequacy and completeness of specification, catalogue group, validity, compliance and its linkage of the user’s requirement.
  • Know how to gather and assemble data of non-stock materials (direct purchase materials) from various user divisions/departments
  • Able to classify and assign appropriate product group and to integrate with master product catalogue
  • To understand how to develop unique product/catalogue identification code/part identifications for all products and services in line with International accepted cataloguing system and procedure to ensure technical and commercial integrity of the product and equipment
  • Ability to use Configuration Management Systems
  • To appraise standard technical specification, acceptable quality standards and in compliance with global Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management systems
  • Know how to assign storage and handling procedure based on the manufacturer’s guidelines



  • Essentials Of Material Cataloguing, Specifications & Storage Planning
  • Technical Integrity Of The Materials Cataloguing & Storage Planning
  • Commercial Integrity Of The Materials Cataloguing & Storage Planning
  • Enhancing Materials Catalogue Management and Optimum Storage Planning
  • Materials & Storage Standards and Specification



  • Any Professionals from the Procurement and Purchasing Department/Team
  • Cataloguing Engineers
  • Materials Engineers
  • Configuration Professionals/Engineers/Specialists
  • Material Planners/Equipment and Storage Specialists
  • Requirements Specialists/Executives





Case Study




Training Kit



Lunch + 2x Coffee Break



TRAINING FEE for Material Cataloguing, Specifications and Storage Planning

Rp6.500.000,-/Peserta/Non Residential

*minimal Running 5 peserta

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