Modern Warehousing Management

Modern Warehousing Management

February 7, 2014

Jadwal Pelatihan Modern Warehousing Management

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12 – 14 Mei 2014, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel – Yogyakarta



To provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to explore the advanced practices in warehousing.



Stock definition

  •  Stock & storage definition and importance
  • Storage cost

Stores organization

  • Upper supervisor
  •  Warehouses internal organizing

Relation with other functions

  • Relation with finance / production / sales dept

Warehousing procedures: Receiving, Storing, Issuing

  • Receiving & inspection problems  – Issuing problems

Packing Activity

  • Definition & importance
  • Packing costs

Materials handling systems: manual, automated and mechanical systems

  • Handling system definition

Classification and codification

  • Definition & importance
  • How to classify items?
  • How to codify items?

Inventory location system

  • The fixed location system
  • The changing location system

Safety and security in warehouses

  • Reasons of accidents
  • Prevention from accidents

Computer and Warehousing

  •  Importance of computer in warehousing



Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Evaluation



Training Kit, Handout, Certificate, 1 X Lunch, 2 X Coffee Break, Souvenir


TRAINING FEE for Modern Warehousing Management

Rp. 6.000.000,- / participant / residential

(Quota minimum 3 peserta training pasti jalan)


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