Negotiation and Conflict Management in Organizations

Negotiation and Conflict Management in Organizations

June 5, 2024

Jadwal Pelatihan Negotiation and Conflict Management in Organizations

11 - 12 Juni 2024-Yogyakarta
28 - 29 Mei 2024-Yogyakarta



Negotiating effectively and managing conflict is one of the most valuable skill sets we can develop within our organization. Mastery of these competencies broadens our capabilities in conflict negotiation training and securing advantageous deals, skillfully overseeing teams, engaging positively with colleagues, and implementing effective conflict resolution through negotiation strategies.

This negotiation and conflict management in organizations course provides a thorough strategic analysis of the negotiation process and essential conflict management in negotiation tools for planning and executing every negotiation. Delegates will come away with the knowledge to secure excellent outcomes externally with suppliers, contractors, and customers and internally within the organization among colleagues, departments, and managers.



Upon completing this negotiation and conflict management in organizations course, participants will be able to:

  • Gain self-awareness of their negotiation and conflict management style.
  • Comprehend a thorough analysis of the conflict and negotiation in organizational behavior.
  • Learn how to achieve collaborative, value-adding negotiation outcomes.
  • Broaden their range of negotiating and managing conflict skills programs.
  • Utilize a three-step planning guide for negotiation preparation.
  • Develop the skill to mediate disputes, thus becoming a more skilled negotiator.
  • Enhance their ability to cultivate value through the negotiation process.
  • Build upon existing experience to become an efficacious negotiator and conflict manager.
  • Improve the capacity to negotiate and manage challenging situations internally within and with external third parties.
  • Increase knowledge and self-assurance to approach negotiations collaboratively.
  • Strengthen key relationships while maximizing negotiated outcomes.
  • Enhance vital leadership and personal skills affecting their performance across all professional aspects.
  • Heighten their capacity to broker deals that fulfill or surpass organizational goals.



1. Negotiation and Conflict Management

  • Negotiation theory and practice – defining negotiation
  • Power and society – the emergence of negotiation and conflict management
  • Identifying conflict sources within the organization
  • Avoiding conflict escalation
  • Diverse conflict management strategies
  • Dual approaches to negotiation
  • Discovery of personal negotiation style
  • Viewing negotiation as a mixed-motive process

2. Practical Negotiation Strategies

  • Strategic and tactical approaches to negotiation
  • Distributive negotiation strategies for value-claiming
  • Techniques involving Opening offers, Anchors, and Concessions
  • Integrative negotiation strategies for creating value
  • Methods for Sharing information, diagnostic questions, and unbundling issues
  • Constructing Package deals and engaging in multiple offers and postsettlement settlements
  • Exploring the four potential outcomes of a negotiation

3. Negotiation Planning, Preparing, and Power

  • Distinguishing between wants and needs – interests versus positions
  • A practical three-step model for negotiation preparation
  • Analysis of position, situation, and negotiating power
  • Modifying the balance of power
  • Utilizing body language powerfully
  • Interpreting thoughts through body language
  • Engaging with confrontational negotiators effectively

4. Mediation skills – a Powerful Negotiation Tool

  • Mastery in communication and questioning
  • Implementing active listening techniques in negotiation
  • Navigating through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation
  • Employing mediation as a facilitated negotiation
  • Mediator techniques – practical mediation skills for resolving disputes
  • Collaborating effectively in negotiation teams
  • Hands-on mediation practice exercises

5. International and Cross-Cultural Negotiations

  • Engaging in international and cross-cultural negotiations
  • Understanding cultural values and negotiation norms
  • Crucial advice for cross-cultural negotiators
  • Crafting and concluding international deals
  • Team-based international negotiation exercises
  • Applying the acquired knowledge in varied organizational contexts





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