Online Training – AutoCAD Civil 3D

Online Training – AutoCAD Civil 3D

July 6, 2023

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – AutoCAD Civil 3D

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The course aims to introduce participants to the software’s model-based design functions and the way in which these can be utilised to quickly develop alternatives. By the end of the training, delegates should have a firm grasp on the tools required to:

  • Organize project data
  • Oreate and work with points
  • Create and examine surfaces
  • Develop parcel layouts
  • Model road corridors
  • Carry out grading and volume calculation tasks
  • Set out pipe networks


This Course is suitable for Civil Engineers or Surveyors wanting to take full advantage of AutoCAD Civil 3D‘s dynamic design potential. Participants should have a good understanding of civil engineering principles and terminology, as well as some experience working with AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based projects.



  • Becoming Familiar with the Civil 3D User Interface
  • Creating/Editing Parcels and Print Parcel Reports
  • Creating and Managing Points and Point Groups and Working with Survey Figures
  • Creating, Editing, Viewing, and Analysing Surfaces
  • Creating and Editing Alignments
  • Creating Data Shortcuts and Vault Projects
  • Creating Sites, Profiles and Cross-sections
  • Creating Assemblies, Corridors, and Intersections
  • Creating Complex Grading Solutions
  • Creating Pipe Networks
  • Performing Quantity Takeoff and Volume Calculations
  • Utilising Plan Productions to Create Plan Profiles Sheets
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