Online Training – Dropcell For Cathodic-Protection Survey

Online Training – Dropcell For Cathodic-Protection Survey

July 9, 2024

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Dropcell For Cathodic-Protection Survey

16 - 17 Juli 2024--


Historically, cathodic protection (CP) surveys of offshore platforms have been comprised of a number of steel to seawater potential measurements recorded at selected points on or around the structure. Little or no emphasis has been placed on evaluation of the resilience of the CP system; i.e. how hard is the system working, how efficiently, and how much longer will it continue to provide efficient protection. The new approach, which has been used by some operators since 1989 in the Gulf of Mexico, addresses some of these areas without significant increase in the time required to perform the inspection.

The drop cell survey is performed from the surface and requires that a reference electrode is lowered through the water column adjacent to the platform structure. Readings are recorded at predetermined depth intervals at various locations around the structure. This method is quick and inexpensive, it will give some indication of the surface potentials on the structure. They will not be accurate due to the fact that the reference electrode could be remote from the structure, however, the readings obtained do give a good general indication as to the protective status of the structure.


MATERI Training Online – Dropcell For Cathodic-Protection Survey

  1. Overview Chatodic Protection
  2. Introduction to Drop cell for cathodic-protection survey
  3. Drop Cell Surveys
  4. Survey equipment & personnel
  5. How to use Drop Cell for cathodic protection survey
  6. Monitoring and evaluation
  7. Study case and discussion
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