Online Training – Hydraulic Advanced

Online Training – Hydraulic Advanced

June 12, 2023

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Hydraulic Advanced

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This advanced course is designed for those who have a practical understanding of the applications of hydraulic fracturing and want to expand their knowledge. The course will provide the details and discussion of fracturing concepts usually accepted or assumed in fracturing applications. The strengths and limitations of various approaches to fracturing treatment design will be covered. Attendees should leave the advanced course with a better understanding of the hydraulic fracturing process and how it relates to post-frac well performance.



Participants will understand how to:

  • Better understand rock properties and rock mechanics related to fracturing applications
  • Better understand fracturing fluid mechanics and proppant transport
  • More effectively design fracturing treatments through better understanding of factors influencing hydraulic fracturing applications
  • Use pre-frac injection test data and real-time fracturing treatment data in fracturing applications to define fracture parameters and improve frac treatment design
  • Consider factors influencing post-frac fracture conductivity and well cleanup
  • Realize the strengths and limitations of existing hydraulic fracturing technology and fracture models
  • Expand fracturing applications to fit a wider range of reservoir types and conditions



  • Rock Properties and Fracture Mechanics Related to The Fracturing Process
  • Fracturing Fluid Mechanics
  • Proppant Transport
  • Pre-Frac Injection Test Analysis
  • Fracture Closure
  • Fracture Monitoring and Fracture Measurement
  • Fluid Leak-Off
  • Re-Fracturing Considerations
  • Review of Existing Fracture Modeling Software
  • Evaluation of Post-Frac Well Performance
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