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Online Training – ISO 50001:2018 Internal Audit

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – ISO 50001:2018 Internal Audit

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Carrying out internal audits of an energy management system requires the internal auditor to assess conformity and effectiveness with ISO 50001:2018, with the demonstration of continual energy performance improvement. Based on ISO 19011:2018, and elements of ISO 50003, this course will guide you through the activities necessary to carry out an internal audit of your energy management system.

Through the various activities, group work, discussions, and reflection, you will learn the fundamentals of planning, conducting and reporting on an internal audit. You will also gain an appreciation of verifying improvements in energy performance, and in assessing the effectiveness of an energy management system.


OUTLINE MATERI Training Online – ISO 50001:2018 Internal Audit

  1. Explain and Apply the Guidelines of Management Systems Auditing According to ISO 19011:2018
  2. Explain the Application of These Guidelines to Auditing ISO 50001:2018
  3. Plan an Internal Audit of ISO 50001:2018
  4. Prepare Internal Audit Activities
  5. Conduct an Internal Audit
  6. Prepare and Distribute the Internal Audit Report
  7. Complete the Audit
  8. Audit Follow-Up
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