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Online Training – Logic Sequence

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Logic Sequence

27 - 28 Oktober 2021--
24 - 25 Agustus 2021--


Many control applications do not involve analog process variables, that is, the ones which can assume a continuous range of values, but instead variables that are set valued, that is they only assume values belonging to a finite set. The simplest examples of such variables are binary variables, that can have either of two possible values.

These control systems operate by turning on and off switches, motors, valves, and other devices in response to operating conditions and as a function of time. Such systems are referred to as sequence/logic control systems. For example, in the operation of transfer lines and automated assembly machines, sequence control is used to coordinate the various actions of the production system.



  • Define Sequence and Logic Control
  • Differences Between Logic Control and Analog Control



  • Introduction to Sequence/Logic Control
  • Industrial Example of Discrete Sensors and Actuators
  • Comparing Logic and Sequence Control with Analog Control
  • Digital Principles and Logic Design Technique
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Topik Training : Online Training – Logic Sequence
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