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Online Training – Mechanical Seal for Rotating Equipment

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Mechanical Seal for Rotating Equipment

27 - 28 April 2021--


This course deals with mechanical seals for rotating equipment.It is intended that it will be used for the training of personnel in the use maintenance and selection of mechanical seals. There are hundreds of mechanical seal designs, but they all are variations of a basic layout consisting of a collar mounted on the shaft which uses springs to push a ring (which also rotates with the shaft) against another ring that is held stationary. The rings rotate against each other riding on a thin layer of lubricant, and the springs hold them so tightly together that leakage through the seal is reduced to an immeasurable amount. The mating surfaces of the rings must be perfectly flat to seal properly, and are manufactured to tolerance measured “light- bands”. The course will cover the principles, design features, installation and maintenance of mechanical seals.


OUTLINE MATERI Training Online – Mechanical Seal for Rotating Equipment

1. Introduction

2. General

3. Mechanical Seal Selection Procedures

  • Selecting the Mechanical Seal Manufacture
  • Determination of the Mechanical Seal Pressure Rating
  • Mechanical Seal Selection and Coding
  • Mechanical Seal Coding as Applied to Specific Specifications

4. Examples of Mechanical Seal Selection in Difficult Operating Conditions

5. Vacuum Services

6. High Speed Applications

7. High Pressure Boiler Forced Circulation Pump Service

8. LPG Services

9. Corrosive Services

10. Temperature Extremes

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