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Online Training – Product Quality Complaint Management

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Product Quality Complaint Management

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Handling product quality complaints is a serious matter in industries. Complaints should be taken as positive attributes and should be welcomed. There should be nothing like a blame game in handling any complaint. The complainant shows a mirror to the company by complaining about the product and there is always a scope of improvement. And this is very important in health care sector or pharma industries that whatever a company is delivering to the consumers, it should be complemented, commented, criticized and suggested for a modification.

The handling of technical complaints has triggered high demands of the process organisation and quality system. However, these complaints are also a chance for continuous improvement and to prevent the reoccurrence of future failures. The complaint management system need to be extremely fair and justified. There should be an assurance of confidentiality, an attempt to implement the suggestive action and timely response to the complainant.


OUTLINE MATERI Training Online – Product Quality Complaint Management

1. Introduction: Common Customer Complaints

2. What is a Product Quality Complaint?

3. Complaint Management Process

  • Regulations
  • How to Organize The Process
  • The Complaint Sample and Sample Chain Custody
  • Pitfalls

4. Complaint Management Quality System

  • KPIs
  • Reporting and Trend Evaluation
  • Technical Complaints vs Safety Signals
  • The Role of the QP and QPPV
  • Counterfeits

5. Customer Complaint Investigation Methodology

6. Root Cause Identification Techniques

7. Preventative Actions to Avoid Generating Customer Complaints

8. Study Case & Discussion

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