Petroleum Project Economics & Risk Analysis

Petroleum Project Economics & Risk Analysis

July 8, 2024

Jadwal Pelatihan Petroleum Project Economics & Risk Analysis

24 - 26 Juli 2024-Yogyakarta


Exploration and Production companies often must evaluate their potential E&P investment using proper present value analysis of expected future cashflows. From the projected cashflows and required investments, the annual rate of return and other project economic indicators can be extracted to evaluate the significance of company investment.

This Petroleum Project Economics & Risk Analysis training course provides practical guidance in the application of the techniques of the economic analysis currently used in the Oil & Gas industry. When executing a petroleum related project, one should be able to choose the best alternative from economic point of view as well as to properly evaluate various investment opportunities by determining economic indicators and sensitivity analysis. Techniques for predicting profit, production, costs, and cashflow enable the analyst to evaluate decision alternatives for optimum results. Understanding economic indicators, risk and uncertainty, different economic structures such as tax regimes and production sharing contracts, enhances the quality and the value of economic analysis.



The primary objectives of this Petroleum Project Economics & Risk Analysis training course are to:

  1. Understand various economic terms used in the Oil & Gas industry
  2. Understand how to develop economic models of various petroleum fiscal regimes
  3. Carry out cashflow analysis, different economic analyses for petroleum related project and determine economic indicators
  4. Evaluate and quantify risks and uncertainties
  5. Make the right investment decision in the presence of risk
  6. Carry out a comprehensive economic evaluation study for any petroleum related project including risk analysis and sensitivity study using spreadsheet
  7. Contribute to the petroleum project investment within a solid economic system and do a detailed economic evaluation
  8. Contribute to the decision-making process for any petroleum related project


MATERI Training Petroleum Project Economics & Risk Analysis

1. Fundamental

  • Upstream Value Chain
  • Principles of Economics
  • Evaluation Approach

2. Cash Flow Concept

  • Cash Flow Components
  • Discounted Cash Flow
  • Time Value of Money

3. Decisions Tools

  • Decision Metrics
  • Decision Analysis

4. Fiscal System

  • World Fiscal Systems
  • Principles of Production Sharing
  • Elements of PSC Indonesia
  • PSC Cost Recovery vs Gross Split

5. Modelling

  • Worksheet Structure
  • Data Preparation
  • PSC Economic Modelling

6. Uncertainty & Risk Analysis

  • Conventional vs Modern Analysis
  • Economics of Exploration Project

7. Special Topics

  • M&A
  • Project Financing





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