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Piping System Mechanical Design and Specification

Jadwal Training Piping System Mechanical Design and Specification:

    Instructor by : Saripudin 



    1. To learn Codes, Standard and Regulations for Pipeline
    2. To learn Technical Pipeline Documentation
    3. To learn flow characteristic inside pipeline
    4. To learn optimization of the pipe size selection
    5. To lern pipeline design loads and be able to conduct stress analysis
    6. To understand the ANSI Codes and ASME Codes for pipeline
    7. To lern pipe support analysis & design
    8. About line sizing and layout of piping systems in various types of facilities
    9. How to specify proper components for process and utility applications
    10. Compare alternative materials of construction
    11. The process of steelmaking, pipe manufacturing and material specifications
    12. Joining methods and inspection techniques
    13. Key considerations for flare and vent systems, including PSV sizing



    1. Piping System
    2. Materials
    3. Fabrication, Assembly, Erection, And Maintenance
    4. Piping Documentation Technique System
    5. Pipe Fluida Failure
    6. Optimasi Pemilihan Diameter Pipa
    7. Sistem Kontrol Pada Instalasi Pipa : Valves
    8. Piping Design Loads
    9. Pipe Stress Analysis
    10. Pipe Stress Requirements
    11. Design Of Pressure Components
    12. Pipe Span Calculation
    13. Expansions Loops, Expansions Joints And Flanged Joints
    14. Pipe Support Systems
    15. Pipe materials and manufacturing
    16. Basic pipe stress analysis methods
    17. Valves and actuators
    18. Welding and non-destructive testing
    19. Line sizing basics (single-phase and multiphase flow)
    20. Pipe and valve material selection
    21. Piping layout and design
    22. Manifolds, headers, and flare/vent systems
    23. Non-metallic piping systems
    24. Operations and maintenance considerations of facilities and pipelines



    The course is intended for Piping engineers, mechanical engineers, maintenance engineers & supervisors, Service engineers & supervisors, technicians and inspectors responsible for the design, work over engineers & supervisors,plant Engineers and Petroleum Engineers.





    Case Study



    Training Kit



    Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break



    TRAINING FEE for Piping System Mechanical Design and Specification

    Rp 9.000.000,- / participant / non residential

    Kuota minimal 3 orang peserta

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