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The technical skills that an engineer’s job requires are really a small percentage of the competencies that are needed to be successful. Interpersonal competencies, business acumen, and, yes, leadership and management skills are all required in engineering work.


MATERI Training Profesional Engineering Management

1.Introduction to Leadership for Engineering Professionals Introduction, Goals, and Objectives

  • Introduction, Goals, and Objectives
  • Fundamentals of engineering leadership
  • Overview of perspectives on management and leadership and implications for early career professionals
  • Creating a team vision
    • Review importance of developing a shared vision and practice methods for creating one. Review “Communicating a Vision” assignment

2. Leading in Multi-Stakeholder Environments

  • Achieving collective support in multi-stakeholder environments.
    • Discerning and prioritizing diverse stakeholder needs
    • Reconciling differences and presenting a unifying vision
    • Achieving buy-in and support for complex projects and programs
  • Motivating Teams and Managing Conflict
  • Creating a motivating environment
    • Building team drive to act in support of mission, goals, and technical
  • Building teams
    • Discuss the strategies for building strong relationships within teams
  • Managing conflict and negotiations
    • Assessing your personal conflict management styles and practice negotiation
  • Managing and Developing Oneself
  • Leadership operating framework
    • Discussion about leadership, and the skills, characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes forming a framework for effective leaders

3. Making an Impact : How to be Effective as an Engineering Leader

  • Discussion about decision making in the face of uncertainty, advocacy, communication, networking, vision, intention and commitment, systems thinking, the role of entrepreneurship, and applying engineering skills to organizational design and project management





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TRAINING FEE for Profesional Engineering Management

Rp7.500.000,-/Peserta/Non Recidential

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