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Security Contractor Performance Management

    Instructor by : Wasis Surono



    Owners and security contractors or Business Partners (BP) need to provide secure and safe workplaces, and also to protect the security, health and safety of their work forces and the general public. When they work together to improve Security Contractors Performance such as Security Operational Performance and HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Performance, both benefit. Benefits that come from a comprehensive and systematic contractor security program as well as security contractor performance management.



    After attending this valuable and interesting course, the course participants will be able to:

    • Understand and implement the basic principles of Loss Control Management
    • Understand the definitions, functions and principles of security
    • Manage security contractor performance as well as HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Performance



    1. Opening, Emergency Response Plan/Procedure Briefing, HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Moments, Ice Breaker, Pre-Test

    2. Introduction to Loss Control Management

    3. Definitions, Functions and Principles of Security

    4. Owner Actions to Improve Security Contractor HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Performance:

      • Owner Commitment to Improved Security Contractor HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Performance
      • Contract HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Language
      • Security Contractor Bid Package and Pre Bid HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Meeting
      • Site-Specific HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Requirements in the Bid Package
      • Selecting a Security Contractor
      • Site HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Training Requirements for Security Contractors
      • Pre Job HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Meeting
      • HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Orientation of the Security Contractor?s Work Force
      • Reviewing Security Contractor?s HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Performance
      • Maintaining HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Statistics for Security Contractor Performance
      • HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Performance and Evaluation

    5. Security Contractor Actions to Improve HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Performance:

      • Compliance With the Owner?s HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Expectations
      • Completeness & Comprehensiveness of HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Work Plan (Management Commitment, Training & Certification, Inspection & Audit, Policy, Role & Responsibility, Hazard/Risk Identification, Waste Management, Substance Abuse Prevention, Emergency Response, Incident Investigation, Performance Objectives, Incentives & Awards, HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Procedures)
      • Establishment of HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Process and/or Program:
        • Training & Certification (Orientation/ Induction, Defensive Driving, Permit/ License Certification, Basic/ Skill/ Advance Training )
        • Organization (Representative & Committee of HSE/ SHE/ ESH/ HES, Emergency Response)
        • Record & Report (Performance/ Meeting/ Inspection/ Incident/ Procedure/ Promotion of HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES)
        • Waste Management (Domestic Waste, Housekeeping & Sanitation, Spill & Releases, Hazardous Materials Handling)
        • Occupational Health & Safety (PPE, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit/Medical Aid Supplies, Materials & Equipment)
        • Emergency Response (Emergency Contact/ Notification/ Reporting, Incident investigation, Evacuation)
        • Fulfillment of HSE/ SHE/ EHS/ HES Regulations (Traffic Regulation, Safety Permit, Smoking Policy, Abuse Substance Materials)

    6. Security Contractor Actions to Improve Security Operational Performance

      • Performance of Work or Services (Timeliness, Management & Supervision, Craftsmanship, Security of Company Assets & Environment Security)
      • Meeting of Obligation (Providing of Requirement Services & Materials & Tools & Equipment, Use of Materials & Equipment)
      • Work Forces Matters (Payment, Coordination, Communication)

    7. Cases Study, Group Discussions & Presentations, VCD Displays, Post-Test, Course Evaluation, Closing



    Owners/ Company Representatives, Security Contractors Management or whoever concern with security contractor performance management.





    Case Study




    Training Kit



    Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break



    TRAINING FEE for Security Contractor Performance Management

    Rp. 6.000.000, – / peserta / non recidential

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