Training Of Trainers

Training Of Trainers

June 25, 2014

Jadwal Pelatihan Training Of Trainers

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Instructor by : Drs. H. Syafaruddin Alwi, MS



  1. Role as a facilitator trainer
  2. How it Works The brain that affect the learning process
  3. Characteristics of Adults as a trainee
  4. How to Overcome Nervousness sense when opening and during training sessions
  5. Body Language and managing techniques Voice for teaching
  6. The principles of managing Environment Training (room layout, ambiance, etc.)
  7. How to Maximize Audio Visual Equipment to reinforce the learning process (Power Point & Flipchart etc.)
  8. Asked techniques to stimulate thought processes and build participation
  9. Ice Breaker function, Energizer, Music, to attract the attention of participants and Maintaining Mood Study
  10. Storytelling techniques effectively to reinforce learning points
  11. Maintaining a Positive Mindset and creativity in dealing with difficult participants


OUTLINE MATERI Training Of TrainersALS

1. Participants understand your

  • Principles of adult learning, Whole Brain Approach: Reptiles, limbic system and the neocortex, preference learning (Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic), 8 Principles of creative learning

2. Build Credibility Trainer

  • Personal Conduct, Social Practice, Content Expertise, 14 things you should keep in mind trainer

3. Body Language & Sound Quality

4. Facilitation skills

  • Designing a “run-down” training, some techniques to overcome nervousness, 10 Tips for an effective training opening few important things you should Cleaning Issue¬† right in view Power Point presentation materials, Optimizing flip chart during training

5. Techniques Asking Questions

  • 5 Characteristics of a good question
  • Sample Questions Open, Closed,
  • Convergent, Divergent, and Evaluative

6. Building techniques Mood Participants

  • Guidelines on how to choose the Ice breaker,

7. Handle Difficult Participants

  • How to deal with the participants: “missing link”,
  • Monopolists, argumentative, whiners, quiet, bored
  • Anticipate the unexpected occurrence: equipment
  • Electronics, weather, security
  • Close the session with interesting tips





Case Study




Training Kit



1 X Lunch

2 X Coffee Break



TRAINING FEE for Of Trainers

Rp. 6.500.000,- / participant / Non residential

(minimal 3 orang peserta siap jalan)


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