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Truck Loading Unloading

Jadwal Training Truck Loading Unloading:


    The loading and unloading of trucks has a key function in the field of loading and picking areas. Loading and unloading can be dangerous. Machinery can seriously hurt people. Heavy loads, moving or overturning vehicles and working at height can all lead to injuries or death. A lot of Personnel who get involved in this activity are truck operators and other personnel involved in the loading and unloading operations of trucks on the wharf, in the maintenance yard and in any other Port operated areas where loading and unloading of trucks occurs.

    In this course will learn how to ensure truck loading and unloading operations are completed safely and to eliminate the potential for injuries where vehicle and people interaction occurs.


    MATERI Training Truck Loading Unloading

    1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Introduction

    2. Process Activity Mapping Current State of Loading and Unloading Operation

    3. Standard Operating Procedures Truck Loading and Unloading Operations

    • Process for unloading and loading trucks for rig tenders
    • Loading and unloading tubular on trucks
    • Container loading and unloading on trucks
    • Loading and unloading of break bulk bags on trucks
    • Unloading and loading dangerous goods on trucks
    • Loading of livestock and fodder

    4. Features

    • Short truck downtime for loading and unloading
    • Loading/unloading time efficiency
    • Careful loading
    • Economisation of loading

    5. Material Handling for System Semi-trailers

    6. Materials Handling for Loading and Unloading Area and For Picking Zone

    • Chain and roller conveyors
    • Slat conveyors
    • Request-specific system configurations

    7. Load Securing System

    8. Traffic Management

    9. Hazard and Incident Reporting

    • Order to prevent losses because of mistakes in handling
    • Including accident, including pollution claim/protest because of an error
    • Calculating the charges

    10. Study Case





    Case Study




    Training Kit



    Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


    Pick Up Participant (Yogyakarta)


    TRAINING FEE for Truck Loading Unloading

    Rp7.000.000,-/Peserta/Non Recidential

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