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Advanced Electrical Power System Analysis Using ETAP

Jadwal Pelatihan Advanced Electrical Power System Analysis Using ETAP

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Power systems equipment must withstand not only the rated voltage, which corresponds to the highest voltage of a particular system, but also expected short level. Accordingly, it is necessary to set protective relays based on these results obtained from short circuit study. One of hot issues now related to these is arc flashing study which is mainly based on the studies of short circuit and relay co-ordination as well. All these three issues should be dealt as integral parts and bulk.

Power System Analysis means verifying the adequacy of the power distribution system and it’s components, recognize coordination related disturbances and outages and collecting the required data to perform a detailed required study.

The continuity and quality of electricity delivered safely and economically by today’s and futures electrical power networks are important for both developed and developing economies. The correct modeling of power system equipment and correct fault analysis of electrical networks are pre-requisite to ensuring safety and they play a critical role in the identification of economic network investments. Environmental and economic factors require engineers to maximize the use of existing assets which in turn require accurate modeling and analysis techniques.



The purpose of this advanced training is to develop a more thorough understanding of the capabilities of ETAP. This ETAP advanced training provides the skills, knowledge, and techniques necessary to become proficient in ETAP for performing power system analysis. This course is an advanced refresher course for attendees familiar with modeling and validating one-line diagrams using ETAP.


MATERI Training Advanced Electrical Power System Analysis Using ETAP

  • Importance of power system modeling
  • The need for calculation the short circuit current
  • Consequences of sustained fault current and type if faults
  • Manual calculation of short circuit using simple methods like MVA method, P.U. system, etc
  • Balanced and unbalanced power flow analysis
  • Voltage drop
  • Analyze the motor starting/acceleration
  • Switchgear rating (breaking and making capacities)
  • Power problem problems and assessment
  • Importance of arc flashing and relay co-ordination studies from operation and safety point of view
  • Test cases simulation using computer software’s



The Operator, Technician, Engineer and Supervisor who want to understand and improve knowledge in power system analysis.





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Lunch + 2x Coffee Break



TRAINING FEE for Advanced Electrical Power System Analysis Using ETAP

Rp7.000.000,-/participant/Non Residential

Minimal 3 orang peserta

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