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Basic Drilling

Jadwal Training Basic Drilling:

    Instructor by : Ir. H. Widrajat Abdekasan


    Introduction : Rotary Drilling Operations

    • Steps to drilling a well
    • Types of rigs
    • Rig Components
    • Rig Systems

    Rheology of Drilling and Completion Fluids

    • Equations and Inflow PerformanceRelationship Functions of Drilling/ Completion Fluids
    • Fluid Types,
    • Fluid Models
    • Introduction to Rotary Viscometer
    • Other Testing Equipment
    • Objectives of Monitoring Fluids

    Mud System

    • General Equations and Concepts Diagnostic tests
    • Water based muds
    • Oil based muds
    • Additives
    • Mud handling system


    • Tubing Design Functions of cement
    • Cement Types
    • Cement Additives

    Oil Field Tubulars and Hydraulics

    • Drill string
    • Casing and tubing
    • Casing classification
    • Stresses on casing
    • Casing setting depth
    • Burst and collapse calculations
    • Wellheads

    Drilling System – Pressure Loss Calculations

    • Hydrostatics
    • Buoyancy
    • Flow through pipes and annuli
    • Flow path
    • Pressure loss calculations

    Drilling System – Bit & Nozzles

    • Hydrostatics Bit Types
    • Bit Parts
    • Bit Classification
    • Bit Nozzles

    Introduction to Well Control

    • Hydrostatics Definitions
    • Causes of kicks
    • Kick indicators
    • Shut-in procedure
    • Well Kill Procedures

    Directional Drilling

    • Reasons for directional wells
    • Planning Trajectory
    • Kickoff Methods
    • Survey Methods
    • Survey Calculations

    Operations Problems

    • Surface,
    • Subsurface
    • Causing Production Loss
    • Type of Problems

    Health, Safety and Environmental Consideration in Drilling Operation

    • Peraturan Perundangan tentang K3L
    • Pengauh Gas Beracun pada Operasi Pemboran
    • Pengaruh  Gas Beracun Bagi Kesehatan
    • H2S
    • Gas Detection Equipments
    • Noise level & exposure in Oil Gas Industry
    • Noise Mapping



    • All personnel who are involved in the operation of this equipment.
    • New hire engineers.
    • Production foreman and supervisors
    • Safety management personnel.
    • Individuals needing a working knowledge of EG Gas Dehydration Systems will find this class extremely valuable and very interesting.
    • Those who already have some experience in this area will be provided with an enlightening supplement to their knowledge.





    case study




    Training Kit

    Flash disk



    Lunch + 2 X Coffee Breaks



    TRAINING FEE for Basic Drilling

    Rp8.500.000,- / participant/ non residential

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