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Basic Supervisory Skills for Security

Jadwal Training Basic Supervisory Skills for Security:

     Instructor by : Alex simon

    There are some definitions of security, one of them states that �Security may be defined as a stable, relatively predictable environment in which an individual or group may pursue its ends without disruption or harm and without fear of disturbance or injury�. For organizations especially Oil & Gas Companies, this means being able to continue their business and meet their goals and objectives without disruption or fear of disruption. In achieving these goals and objectives and also meeting the requirements of the organizations, the security supervisory skill is very essential and very important by firstly understanding the relationship between security and loss control management especially loss control objectives and functions.

    After attending this valuable and very interesting course
    Understand and implement the basic principles of Loss Control Management
    Understand the definitions, functions and principles of security
    Understand and implement the security supervisory skills
    Support Management in the design, development and implementation of the Security Management System (SMS) to continuously improve the secure work environment and provide adequate assets protection
    Provide accurate information in response to department inquiries on security matters as well as professional and timely advice


    MATERI Training Basic Supervisory Skills for Security

    1. Introduction to Supervisory Skills for Security
    2. Manajemen Sekuriti

    • Definisi / Pengertian Sekurity
    • Tanggung jawab departemen sekuriti
    • Fungsi-fungsi sekuriti
    • Security principles
    • Dasar-dasar manajemen sekuriti

    3. Kemampuan seorang manager sekuriti

    • Menganalisa kemungkinan ancaman yang mungkin terjadi terhadap perusahaan:
    • Ancaman dari dalam perusahaan
    • Ancaman dari luar perusahaan
    • Klasifikasi daerah (terlarang, terbatas dan tertutup)
    • Menyusun organisasi dan sistim operasionalnya secara efektif dan efisien :
    • Pengertian organisasi sekurity
    • Dasar pertimbangan penyusunan organisasi sekuriti
    • Struktur organisasi sekuriti
    • Menentukan spesifikasi kebutuhan personil dan peralatan :
    • Spesifikasi personil
    • Rekruting
    • Dasar pertimbangan pengadaan peralatan
    • Melaksanakan pembinaan personil serta pelatihan
    • Melaksanaan pengawasan dan pengendalian jalannya organisasi :
    • Security operational control
    • Security consultation and communication
    • Security involvement in emergency preparedness & response
    • Security document control and data
    • Melakukan evaluasi dan penyempurnaan sistim sekuriti menuju yang lebih baik
    • Checking and corrective actions
    • Security report and records management
    • Security audit
    • Security management aspect and problem solving in oil & gas industry
    • Case studies

    4. Security Supervisor

    • Pengertian satuan pengamanan
    • Tugas pokok satuan pengamanan
    • Fungsi satuan pengamanan
    • Peranan satuan pengaman
    • Ethos kerja satuan pengamanan
    • Prinsip-prinsip satuan pengamanan
    • Pengertian security supervisor
    • Kriteria security supervisor
    • Peran security supervisor
    • Integrated security design
    • Loss prevention model
    • Planning
    • langkah membuat planning
    • Security planning
    • Rencana pengaman objek vital / kawasan industry
    • Bagaimana mengorganisasi pekerjaan

    5. Security Management System

    • Tujuan manajemen sistim pengamanan
    • Standar sistim manajemen pengamanan (SMP)
    • Dokumen standar SMP
    • Pelaku SMP
    • Penjabaran SMP
    • Pengawasan dan pengendalian terhadap implementasi SMP
    • Sasaran strategis implementasi SMP

    6. Leadership
    7. Task Analysis and Activity
    8. Management Conflict

    • Pengertian konflik
    • Manfaat konflik
    • Dampak buruk konflik
    • Faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi konflik
    • Jenis konflik
    • Manajemen konflik



    Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Evaluation



    Training Kit, Flash disc, Handout, Certificate, Lunch, 2 X Coffee Break, Souvenir


    TRAINING FEE for Basic Supervisory Skills for Security

    Rp. 6.000.000, – / peserta / non recidential

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