Security Management

Intelligent and Investigation

    MATERI Training Intelligent and Investigation

    • Basic of  group behavior
      • The different between formal and informal group
      • Two model of group development compare
      • How to analysis group interaction
      • Identify the key factor to explain group    behavior
      • The change of role in different condition
      • The effect of norms to group behavior
      • The definition of social lazy and the effect to  group performance
      • The advantage   and  disadvantage   of cohesive group
      • Strength and weakness of group decision
      • Affectivity of group interaction
    • Human right  in investigation
      • The definition of investigation
      • Human right and investigation
      • Technical aspect of investigation
      • Practical step to use international standard
      • Human right in catching, include women catching   and children
      • International standard about arrest
      • Human right in arrest , include women arrest and children
      • International instruments relation with human  right and police
    • Inspection
    • Intelligent  investigation
      • Intelligent investigation
      • Intelligent investigation target
      • Intelligent investigation technique



    Presentation, Discussion, Case Study, Evaluation



    Training Kit, Flash disc, Handout, Certificate, Lunch, 2 X Coffee Break, Souvenir


    TRAINING FEE for Intelligent and Investigation

    Rp. 6.000.000,- /Peserta /Non Recidential



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