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Circuit Breakers Operation and Maintenance

Jadwal Training Circuit Breakers Operation and Maintenance:


    Circuit breakers play an important role in the safe distribution of electrical power. The equipment needs to be operated, maintained and installed in a safe manner securing continuity of supply to consumers. This following are important aspects of the circuit breakers:

    • Electric power systems are designed to be as fault free as possible through appropriate network design, equipment design, proper installation and on-going maintenance.
    • The Circuit breaker and its associated fault detection equipment, protective relaying, is an extremely important device, through its role of clearing short-circuit currents, disconnecting faulty elements from the power network, and thus maintaining the overall integrity of the power network
    • If faults are not controlled they can cause unnecessary loss of electricity service with all of its many ramifications.
    • The circuit breaker selection and arc extinction methods are of great importance
    • Minimising downtime by proper and systematic maintenance program



    Delegates will gain a detailed appreciation of the following:

    • The importance of preventive maintenance check and servicing of the various types of circuit breakers
    • Implementation of safe systems of work and operations
    • Co-ordination of maintenance activities and maintaining system safety
    • To be able to understand the component functionalities of the gas and vacuum circuit breakers
    • Methods of arc extinction for MV HV circuit breakers
    • Routine inspections and the functions of the micro processor component in the circuit breakers


    MATERI Training Circuit Breakers Operation and Maintenance

    1. Introduction-reasons for faults-and classification of faults

    • Distinction between load and fault current
    • Sources of short-circuit current
    • Introduction to fault calculations
    • Balanced and unbalanced faults
    • Overview of Power System Protection
      • Measurement-voltage and current transformers
      • Protective device characteristics
      • Types of protection systems
      • The role and importance of the circuit breaker in power systems

    2. General principles of arc extinction

    • Overview of types of circuit breaker
      • Air-Break
      • Vacuum
      • Gas
      • Other related switching devices
      • The single-line diagram
      • Substation layouts
    • Air-break
      • Principles of arc extinction
      • C. circuit breaking
      • C. circuit breaking
      • Contacts and arc initiation
      • Arc chutes
      • Performance characteristics
      • General construction Principles

    3. Vacuum

    • History-The early years
    • The vacuum arc-An overview
    • Current interruption in vacuum
    • Methods of keeping the arc diffuse
    • Current chopping-general implications
    • Vacuum interrupters in series
    • Design of vacuum switchgear
    • Maintenance and testing requirement

    4. SF6 Gas

    • Properties of SF6
    • Principles of arc extinction
    • Features of construction
    • Mechanism principles
    • Insulation principles
    • Gas leak problems
    • Specific supervision requirements
    • Circuit power factor considerations
    • Maintenance and testing requirements

    5. International Standards

    • Importance and relevance to specifications
    • ANSI and IEEE
    • IEC and IEE
    • Circuit breakers and power system
      • Circuit breaker failure and the effects on power system operation
      • Circuit breaker inspection, testing and maintenance program
      • The Principles of modern substation control systems
      • Power circuit breaker maintenance

    6. Exercises and Case Studies



    • Electrical Professionals
    • HSE personnel
    • Technicians and Supervisors
    • Professionals responsible for the operation and maintenance of distribution equipment, who will benefit from sharing experiences in the planning, organisation, and implementation of maintenance activities.





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