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Essential Skill For Administrators

Jadwal Training Essential Skill For Administrators:


    The programme shows you how to plan and organise efficiently, develop confident communication skills and proactively contribute to the successful achievement of the organisation’s goals.



    • Develop skills and make a greater contribution to your team.
    • Become more proactive.
    • Communicate confidently and effectively with your manager, colleagues and other departments.
    • Deal with the difficulties and pressures of working for more than one person.
    • Plan, organise and manage your time more effectively.
    • Apply top tips for writing emails and letters.


    MATERI Training Essential Skill For Administrators

    1. Supporting Your Manager/Department/Team

    • How you and your manager can work together to build a team
    • Balancing the demands of more than one manager
    • Building a successful working relationship with your manager and team members
    • Prioritising your workload, being flexible when priorities change

    2. Communicating Confidently and Positively

    • Communicating face-to-face with confidence
    • Projecting a confident and professional image
    • Effective listening skills

    3. Organisation and Time Management

    • Establishing effective procedures – organising diaries and follow up
    • Managing your own and your manager’s time – organisation and planning techniques that get you in control
    • Organising meetings – key tips
    • Saving time using email

    4. Writing Clearly and Concisely

    • Writing on behalf of others
    • Avoiding common mistakes
    • Planning and writing emails

    5. Communicating Effectively through Assertiveness

    • Effective listening and questioning skills
    • Building rapport in face-to-face communication
    • Identifying passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
    • Saying no without feeling guilty

    6. Personal Development

    • Accepting new responsibilities and challenges with confidence
    • An action plan to implement and monitor your development





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    Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


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    TRAINING FEE for Essential Skill For Administrators

    Rp 6.500.000,- / participant / Non residential

    Min. 3 Participant

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