Installation Rotary Drum

Installation Rotary Drum

April 21, 2022

Jadwal Pelatihan Installation Rotary Drum

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Rotary drums, whether dryers, coolers, granulators, or kilns, are an integral part of many industrial processes today. As an extremely valuable investment, protecting this investment with routine maintenance and proper knowledge, can help a rotary drum to lead a long, productive life. Proper installation and preventative maintenance can mean the difference between a drum with a long life ahead, or a drum with serious problems.

Proper base installation is the first step in preventative rotary drum maintenance. The importance of a proper base installation can be compared to that of a foundation for a house; a house foundation done improperly will result in disastrous results and many long-term repairs.

A proper base install will help reduce adjustments needed at start-up in order to obtain optimal operation.Improper drum alignment is one of the most common causes of rotary drum damage and failure. This is because misalignments in the base can propagate through the drum and cause wear and damage to components such as the trunnion wheels, tyres, drive components, and thrust rollers.

While the roller is making full contact with the tire, the roller is showing excessive wear, as can be seen by the subtle concave shape.As can be seen, ensuring a proper base installation is the first step in setting a solid foundation for the life of your rotary drum, and is not something to be taken lightly.

This training will help participant to learn about installation and maintenance of rotary drum, so they can get optimal production in operation.



A. Introduction (Process Applications of Rotary Drum)

  1. Granulating
    1. Agglomeration
    2. Reaction
    3. Spray Granulation
  2. Cooling
  3. Drying
  4. Coating
  5. Heating
  6. Conditioning
  7. Incinerating
  8. Milling
  9. Mixing
  10. Impregnating
  11. Rotary Drums Design
  12. Modular or complete system designs
  13. Drive System
  14. Helical
  15. Parallel
  16. Cycloidal
  17. Equipment and process modification
  18. Electrical design
  19. Instrument and automation design

B. Standard Rotary Drums

C. Installation

D. Technical and Engineering Support

E. Maintenance

F. Troubleshooting of Rotary Drum





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