Agustus 2014Technical, Mechanical & EngineeringYogyakarta

Instrument Design Installation And Maintenance

    Instructor by : Tugino, ST., MT



    Control techniques are discussed, and interface methods between instrumentation and the control system is discussed. System design, including details of the various types of instrument related drawings, is covered extensively. Instrument Data Sheets are covered, including the reasons for each of the fields in the sheets. Important items to consider when developing contracts for design, installation, calibration and maintenance of instrumentation systems, are discussed. Recommendations, based on the instructor’s experiences, will be presented for discussion. Pre-Instruction Exercises, daily written exercises, and a Post-Instruction Exercise, will be used to monitor if the information is being presented effectively.



    1. Introduction of presenter and attendees
    2. Pre instruction exercise
    3. Outline of the course

      1. Introduction of concepts, Definitions
      2. Tank Example, Manual Control, Feedback, Deadtime
      3. Involvement of Process Eng, Instrument Eng, Mech. Eng, Project Eng
      4. Types of Process Measurements
      5. Technologies of Measurement
      6. Control Devices are also involved in instrumentation
      7. Importance of Documentation, Design and As Built
      8. Types of Documentation
      9. Installation and Calibration of Instruments and Systems
      10. Maintenance of Instrument and Control Systems
      11. Control Systems, Safety Shutdown Systems, Fire and Gas Systems

    4. Process Measurements for control – various process equipment considered
    5. Technologies available for instrumentation, advantages and disadvantages
    6. Isolation of instrument from process and environment – Standards
    7. Communication between instrument (or valve) and Control System – Protocols
    8. Advantages of Digital Communication – Asset Management
    9. Distributed Control Systems and Control Rooms
    10. Control Valves, Pressure Safety Valves, Shut Down Valves and monitoring them
    11. The Design Process

      1. Project Eng, Process Eng, Mgmt – Process Flow Drawing – Symbols
      2. Process Eng, Instrument Eng, Mech. Eng – P&ID
      3. Symbols Used
      4. HAZOP
      5. SIL Evaluation
      6. Corporate Standards – Basis of Instrument Selection
      7. Instrumentation Index
      8. Instrument Data Sheets
      9. Installation Drawings
      10. Instrument Location Drawings
      11. Wiring Drawings
      12. Panel Layout and Connection Drawings
      13. Loop Diagrams
      14. Logic Diagrams
      15. Squad Checks and Sign Offs

    12. Document Control and Management of Change
    13. Instrument Purchase and Receiving
    14. Installation of Instruments
    15. Calibration, Loop Checkout and Documentation

      1. Co-ordination with Electrical Cable Installation
      2. Co-ordination with delivery of DCS/SIS/Electric Power

    16. DCS Factory Acceptance Tests, Site Acceptance Tests
    17. SIS Factory Acceptance Tests, Site Acceptance Tests
    18. System Integration Functional Tests
    19. Maintenance schedules for control instrumentation
    20. Maintenance schedules for Safety equipment
    21. Documentation of Incidents – effects on maintenance
    22. Design for maintenance, equipment selection, bypasses
    23. Contract considerations for Installation, Calibration and Maintenance
    24. Post-Instructional Exercise
    25. Discussion and Questions



    • Presentation
    • Discussion
    • Case Study
    • Evaluation



    • Training Kit
    • Handout
    • Certificate
    • Lunch + 2x Coffee Break
    • Souvenir
    • Pick up Participant


    TRAINING FEE for Instrument Design Installation And Maintenance

    Rp. 7.500.000,- /peserta /non recidential

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