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Medium Voltage (Power Circuit Breakers and Switchgear)

Jadwal Pelatihan Medium Voltage (Power Circuit Breakers and Switchgear)

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Switchgear and circuit breakers are obviously critical components in electrical distribution systems and their operation significantly affects the overall operation of the system. The workshop will discuss application, installation, maintenance and testing issues relating to medium and high voltage switchgear and circuit breakers. There will also be a coverage of low voltage switchgear. You will receive a thorough grounding in switchgear theory and standards. You will gain a solid understanding of the issues associated with the proper application, installation and maintenance of these critical items of equipment with an overriding emphasis on safety. This comprehensive and practical workshop emphasizes medium voltage switchgear which represents most of the switchgear installed on electrical distribution systems. The focus here is on air blast, oil, SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers. Case studies covering the main manufacturer’s equipment will illustrate the important practical principles. Other power system protection components will be discussed as well to ensure that switchgear is understood in the correct context.



  • Selection of appropriate type and rating of circuit breakers and switchgear
  • Fundamentals of operation of switchgear
  • Switchgear components (CTs, VTs, relays, cable terminations)
  • Safe operational policies including safety rules and safety documents
  • Diagnostic tools and test equipment
  • Safe maintenance policies including safe working in switch rooms, indoor and outdoor substations


MATERI Training Medium Voltage (Power Circuit Breakers and Switchgear)

1. Switchgear-Origins and Types

2. Application of Switchgear

  • Principles of current interruption
  • Plain break circuit breakers
  • Bulk and small oil volume circuit breakers
  • Turbulator (explosion pot)
  • Operating mechanisms
  • Transfer earth circuit breakers
  • Air break and air blast switchgear
  • SF6 and vacuum
  • Switchgear in association with disconnectors
  • Fixed and with drawable designs
  • Switchgear standards
  • Factors affecting switchgear selection

3. Specification of Switchgear

  • Switchgear rating-highest system and impulse withstand voltages, load and short circuit currents
  • Simple and complex protection systems
  • Switchgear ancillaries, measurement CTs, VTs, relays
  • Cable terminations
  • Indoor and outdoor operation
  • Substation and switch room layouts and design

4. Short Circuit Testing

  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical breaking
  • Make and break operations
  • Understanding test oscillograms

5. Safety Policies

6. Operation of Modern Switchgear

7. Asset Management in A Switchgear Content

8. Diagnostics, Testing and Maintenance

  • Switchgear inspection methodologies
  • Partial discharge measurement and survey
  • Timing tests
  • Thermovision
  • Mechanisms of deterioration
  • Principles of circuit breaker maintenance
  • Maintaining oil circuit breakers
  • Contact maintenance and contact wipe
  • Oil testing
  • Maintaining vacuum circuit breakers
  • Maintaining SF6 circuit breakers
  • SOP’s and DINs
  • Switchgear defects and defect control systems



Pelatihan ini sesuai untuk diikuti oleh para personel yang bertanggung jawab dalam proses maintenance, testing dan troubleshooting low voltage power circuit breakers, protective relays, breaker trip devices dan switchgear panels.





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TRAINING FEE for Medium Voltage (Power Circuit Breakers and Switchgear)

Rp7.500.000,-/Participant/Non Residential

Minimal 3 peserta

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