Natural Gas Processing

Natural Gas Processing

November 28, 2014

Jadwal Pelatihan Natural Gas Processing

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Instructor by : Cecep Slamet Abadi 



The training material subjects are covered: physical properties, phase equilibria and  vapour liquid equilibrium calculations, water-hydrocarbon systems, natural gas gathering and plant inlet separation, acid gas treating/sweetening, dew point control and natural gas liquids recovery. The training is designed primarily for engineers and technologists involved in the design, operation, and optimization of gas processing facilities. This training is designed to familiarize technical professionals with the design and operation of propane refrigeration loops used in typical NGL recovery and/or dewpoint control facilities, with an emphasis on design, troubleshooting and performance optimization. A working knowledge of gas compression is required. The principles of natural gas liquids fractionation and cryogenic expander operation are also discussed, including LNG and LPG operations and power recovery from LNG import terminals.


TRAINING MATERI Training Natural Gas ProcessingAL OUTLINE :

Physical Properties

1. Phase Equilibria and Vapour Liquid Equilibrium Calculations

2. Natural Gas Gathering and Plant Inlet Separation

3. Problem Solving Session:

  • Oil Characterization
  • Gas Gathering

4. Dew Point Control and Natural Gas Liquids Recovery

5. Gas Plant Process Dynamics and Control of Critical Loops

6. Problem Solving Session:

  • Refrigerated Gas Plant
  • Natural Gas Liquids Fractination
  • Gas Plant Dynamics

7. Water-Hydrocarbon Systems and Natural Gas Dehydration

8. Acid Gas Treating and Sweetening

9. Problem Solving Session:

  • Natural Gas Dehydration with Glycols
  • Acid Gas Sweetening with Amines

Fractination and processing

  1. Principles of Distillation
  2. Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium
  3. Mechanics
  4. Characteristics of Good Distillation
  5. Column Design Principles, Including Control Strategies
  6. Case : Methanol Bunyu Process and
  7. Troubleshooting



  • New Engineering graduates and Technologists who need to develop an  understanding of Natural Gas Processing Principles and Technology.
  • Professionals who have been working in industry but are new to Natural Gas Processing.
  • Professionals who are familiar with Natural Gas Processing but are  unfamiliar with how process simulators can be used to improve plant  design and optimize plant profitability.





Case Study




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Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break


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TRAINING FEE for Natural Gas Processing

Rp8.500.000,- peserta / non recidential

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