Health & Safety at WorkHSEMei 2019Yogyakarta

Office Health and Safety

Jadwal Training Office Health and Safety:
  • 27 - 29 Mei 2019, Neo Malioboro Hotel, Yogyakarta


Although offices are not always thought of as hazardous places to work, an injury or illness that happens in an office can be just as serious and costly as that which occurs in any other workplace. This course provides a practical introduction to office health and safety for managers, supervisors and employees, including health and safety committee members. It describes how to develop a health and safety program and introduces potential hazards in an office environment.



  • Identify key components of a health and safety program
  • Recognize the elements of an ergonomically correct workstation
  • Recognize and control for the potential health effects of poor lighting
  • Recognize causes of, and control workplace stress
  • Identify factors that affect indoor air quality
  • Recognize ways to reduce or eliminate general safety hazards (e.g. slips, trips and falls) and electrical hazards
  • Identify chemical hazards in an office
  • Identify procedures to follow in case of a fire


OUTLINE MATERI Training Office Health and Safety

1. How To Develop a Health and Safety Program

2. Potential Hazards in an Office Environment

3. Ergonomics

4. Lighting

5. Workplace Stress

6. Indoor Air Quality

7. General Safety

  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Safe Lifting
  • Safe Storage of Office Materials
  • Hazardous Equipment

8. Chemical Hazards

9. Electrical Hazards

10. Fire Prevention and Evacuation



Office managers, supervisors, and employees, Health and safety committee members, Human Resources (HR) professionals





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Lunch + 2x Coffee Break


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TRAINING FEE for Office Health and Safety

Rp6.500.000,-/Peserta/Non Recidential

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