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Offshore System Design and Operation

Jadwal Training Offshore System Design and Operation:

    Instructor by : Bambang Murtjahjanto 



    • How to Identify the key facilities parameters that must be evaluated for field development
    • Recognize the best applications and characteristics of each type of offshore fixed and floating structure
    • Account for the effects of the ocean environment on facilities design, construction, and operations
    • Identify the impact space, loads and forces have on the structural design and global performance of offshore structures and how they influence their cost
    • Describe the impact topside facilities (drilling, well servicing, processing, and utilities) affect the structural design and how the topside design process is done
    • Recognize and manage key design and operational interfaces between the major components of offshore facilities systems
    • Understand and apply the key design, construction, and installation issues associated with fixed and floating platforms to your work


    MATERI Training Offshore System Design and Operation

    • Offshore systems overview and field architecture selection
    • Well construction and servicing equipment and operation
    • Flow assurance
    • Topside facilities
    • Oil and gas transportation facilities
    • Riser systems
    • Subsea systems
    • Production operations
    • Infrastructure impact on design and operations
    • Effects of the ocean environment
    • Introduction to naval architecture
    • Structural design processes and tools
    • Construction plans and execution
    • Project management lessons learned
    • Life-cycle and decommissioning considerations





    Case Study




    Training Kit

    Flash disc



    Lunch + 2 X Coffee Break



    TRAINING FEE for Offshore System Design and Operation

    Rp. 11.000.000,- / participant / Non residential

    Quota minimal 4 orang peserta dalam 1 kelas, pelatihan siap running

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