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Online Training – Leveling, Centering and Flatness Rotalign Ultra

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Leveling, Centering and Flatness Rotalign Ultra

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ROTALIGN Ultra is a highly versatile system made to handle alignment on all types of rotating machines. By applying these measured values, the machines can be precisely aligned to reflect normal operating conditions. This innovative application is a development in response to Industry’s demand for solution to complex applications.

This course is designed for rotating equipment and OEM engineers, precision maintenance technicians, mechanics, supervisors, and managers who are responsible for the operation, maintenance and reliability of rotating equipment.


MATERI Training Online – Leveling, Centering and Flatness Rotalign Ultra

  • Introduction: Rotalign Ultra Standard
  • Components
  • Measurement Objectives
  • Rotalign Ultra Set Up & Adjustment
  • Setting Sensor Communications
  • Assessing Measurement Objectives – Shaft Straightness/Center Of Runout
  • Programming Rotalign Ultra Operation/Averaging
  • Operations Overview: Dimensions, Measure and Results
  • Leveling
  • Centering
  • Flatness
  • Practice Data Collection on Simulator
  • Resolution, Repeatability, Accuracy and Targets
  • Study Case and Discussion
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