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Online Training – LNG : Supply, Demand, Pricing and Trading

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – LNG : Supply, Demand, Pricing and Trading

19 - 20 Mei 2021--


At the beginning of 2020, the LNG business was looking forward to another year of expansion after a successful 2019 during which production increased by 42.5 mt and Final Investment Decisions (FIDs) were taken on 71 mtpa of liquefaction capacity. COVID-19 has radically changed those expectations. LNG production continued to increase rapidly in the first quarter of 2020 as output from LNG trains that started up in 2019 built up to full capacity. However, demand has weakened as lockdowns in many LNG importing countries to control the spread of COVID-19 slow economic activity.

Increased supply and declining demand have led to an over-supplied market, with spot prices for LNG falling to levels not seen before and the cancellation of US LNG cargoes. The construction of new liquefaction trains is being delayed and Final Investment Decisions (FIDs) on new capacity are being deferred. However, the long-term for LNG remains robust as lower prices increase the competitivity of natural gas with coal and oil in the power generation and industrial sectors.

This training is designed for newcomers to LNG and those who want to refresh their knowledge or have experience in one part of the business or one region and want to widen their knowledge.



  • Understand LNG chain technologies, costs, economics and safety
  • Appreciate how the LNG business is changing and the implications for those working in the business
  • Gain insights into LNG pricing and how it is evolving
  • Acquire in depth knowledge of world LNG markets and supply sources
  • Assess the increasing role of spot and short-term trading



1. LNG Value Chain in 2020

  • What is the Role of Natural Gas in Global Energy Markets
  • Why LNG?
  • The LNG Chain
  • LNG Safety
  • LNG in 2020

2. LNG Markets and Terminals

  • LNG Markets
  • Floating Storage and Regas Units
  • Accessing LNG Receiving Terminal Capacity

3. LNG Supply and Shipping

  • LNG Supply
  • Options for Acquiring LNG Supply
  • LNG Shipping

4. LNG Pricing and Contracting

  • LNG Pricing
  • LNG Contracts
  • Sales and Purchase Agreements

5. LNG Spot and Short-Term Trading

  • LNG Spot and Short-Term Trading
  • Hedging, Risk Management and Derivatives
  • The Future of LNG
  • Course Review and Final Q&A
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Topik Training : Online Training – LNG : Supply, Demand, Pricing and Trading
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