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Power Quality : Understanding, Measurement and Analysis

Jadwal Training Power Quality : Understanding, Measurement and Analysis:


    On completion of this training, electrical engineers who have followed this course will have a comprehensive understanding of :

    • What are the components of power quality.
    • What are the effects on electric power equipments if the power quality is poor.
    • How to improve power quality.



    1. The Purpose of The Standard

    • Content of the standards
    • Standards settings measurement system
    • Create standard report, explain, settings based on standards requirements theory and practice using the measurement system
    • Settings and documentation

    2. Setting and Documentation

    • 1-, 2- and 3- phase power measurements
    • Event analysis, triggers, thresholds and limits, short-term analysis
    • Oscilloscope operation
    • Long-term measurement
    • Data Security
    • Remote access via modern
    • Database-supported measurement data comparison

    3. Power System Realibility & Its indices

    4. Electromagnetic Phenomena & The Power Quality Disturbance Category

    • Voltage dip & rise
    • Variations change of voltage and frequency which happen continued
    • Harmonic distortion
    • Flicker
    • Voltage unbalance

    5. Power Quality, The effect to the power supplay reliability and electrical equipment ability (globally)

    6. Standard and Regulation of Power Quality to The Transmission and Distribution System

    7. Non-linier Load that caused harmonic distortion case

    • Effect and analysis
    • Power Quality Monitoring
    • Power Quality Category, which monitored
    • Power Quality monitoring target
    • Equipment condition to monitor power quality
    • Power Quality monitoring procedure and operation

    8. Evaluation of Power Quality recording result and case studies

    • Electrical furnace load
    • Variable speed drive load
    • Recurring motor start operation (dip and flicker)

    9. Harmonic Mitigation



    • Teknisi, Electric, Operator dan Supervisor
    • Seluruh pihak yang berkeinginan memahami topik ini.





    Case Study




    Training Kit



    1x Lunch

    2x Coffee Break



    TRAINING FEE for Power Quality : Understanding, Measurement and Analysis

    Rp 7.500.000,-/Participant/Non Residential

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