Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis

June 16, 2023

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Stakeholder analysis is the activity of identifying those groups or individuals who may be affected by an initiative or who share a common business need and analyzing them to determine the impact for each stakeholder and an appropriate communication plan to ensure the project solution is delivered and accepted. Stakeholder engagement is the process of getting stakeholders effectively involved and actively participating in a project and the project’s activities.

This class teaches students to consider all of the stakeholder characteristics before deciding on appropriate deliverables and producing an analysis work plan. Developing a stakeholder management plan will prevent major problems by ensuring that all of the appropriate stakeholders are involved, their roles are clear and they will be involved with requirements analysis and presentations using the most effective communication or team approaches.

During class students are presented the Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet and are given guidelines for their stakeholder analysis and engagement efforts. Students discuss ways that stakeholders could participate, conditions and considerations for their participation, and strategies for engaging and managing stakeholders throughout the project.



  1. Define the steps in Stakeholder Analysis
  2. Identify all stakeholders impacted by a project
  3. Assess concerns for each stakeholder
  4. Identify power/influence, interest, and characteristics of stakeholders
  5. Develop a communication plan for each stakeholder based on their needs and unique characteristics
  6. Determining best way to engage and manage stakeholders



1. What is Stakeholder Analysis

2. Why Plan for Stakeholder Interactions?

3. Assess the Project Sponsor

4. Identify both Primary and Secondary Stakeholders:

  • Searching for All Stakeholders, not just the Obvious Ones
  • Understanding each Stakeholder’s Area of Concern
  • Documenting Stakeholder’s Needs
  • Consider the Characteristics of each Stakeholder Group

5. Explain the Skill/Will Matrix; Assess Where Stakeholders Fall

6. Determine Characteristics and Effective Communication Practices for each Stakeholder Group:

  • Is this Group Providing Requirements, Using Requirements, or Supporting the Project Work?
  • Which Elicitation Technique(s) will be most Effective based on Their Unique Characteristics?
  • What Requirement Presentation Format will be most Comfortable for this Group?

7. The Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet

  • When and where will Communications with Each Stakeholder be most Effective?
  • What are the Best Communication Techniques for each Stakeholder?

8. Explain the Stakeholder Influence

  • Assess the Level of Influence Particular to each Stakeholder

9. Describe How each Stakeholder should be Managed or Engaged During the Project

10. Identify and Analyze the Stakeholder Groups for an Example Project

  • Identify the Appropriate Communication Techniques
  • Consider Forming Stakeholder Teams in Context of the Project
  • Devise Effective Engagement Strategies and Develop a Stakeholder Management Plan that Identifies: (What you need to achieve with your stakeholders, What your plans will be for engaging with them)

11. Strategies for Managing Challenges with Stakeholders



This course is designed for business analysts, product owners, project managers, program or portfolio managers or any other business partner or project team member involved with performing stakeholder analysis, or charged with engaging stakeholders in their projects. This course may also be appropriate for individuals who manage business analysts and need a more in‐depth understanding of the process and skill set that would be helpful for ensuring effective business analysis and team collaboration.



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